Lindsay's Maternity Shoot

Lindsay Sarver, who will always be Lindsay Ruscello to me, recently won the Mother's Day contest that I partnered with Tina from Live Love Photography on (past post), and she couldn't have been a better choice. I've known Lindsay since she was a senior in high school back in 2002, and I got to be her roomie my last year of college.

She has always been a mother to her friends and family, and has the biggest heart for the homeless and disabled. A couple years back she spent a year in South Africa where she and her husband fell in love, and she gave everything to those in need over there.

Now, Lindsay and Ryan are about to welcome little Gabriella Ray into the world any minute, and she is just glowing with delight as you can see from these pictures.

Tina from Live. Love. Photography did her hair, makeup and photographed her. She is SO talented, and constantly exudes delight and joy. It's hard not to smile for her. haha.

Styling for this shoot was all about comfort because temperatures were already rising, and when you could give birth any minute, have swollen feet and you're trying to keep your makeup from melting you just want clothing to be easy and comfortable.

Cotton. It was all about cotton. I loved this deep fuchsia dress Lindsay was wearing the day I saw her, and I knew she HAD to wear that for her shoot. It's always great to have a nice pop of color for photos.

We wanted to keep the shoot fairly casual since it was going to take place outside, so I chose a denim skirt from her closet and a cute gray top that gave an appearance of texture. Ryan also happened to have picked out that shirt from the store and it matched her beautiful African wedding jewelry. (It's always nice to wear things that have a story behind them or a special significance. It makes for better stories. haha).

Tina happens to also be a hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of her own salon. She surely is a jack of all trades, and I encourage you to follow her blog and take a peak at her website.

Pregnant women are just GORGEOUS aren't they?!!! I can't stand it!