Do Something vs. Being Someone

Every year, once the Academy Award nominations are released, I race to watch all of the movies that have received some sort of nomination whether it's "Best Picture" or "Best Actress in a Leading Role." Of course, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be planted in front of my T.V. watching the red carpet and whole shabang on February 26th!

Last night, I watched The Iron Lady. Meryl Streep, be still my heart! There isn't a film she has acted in that I haven't liked. She sure knows how to pick 'em and ACT! The Iron Lady is about Margaret Thatcher's life, and in the screen play Thatcher makes a point that nowadays it's all about being someone rather than doing something.

I think that is very true, and found it convicting. As an entrepreneur and self employed business woman, promoting myself is promoting my business. This is the case not only for stylists, but photographers, graphic designers, and any other one man show. However, I think sole proprietors like myself fall into self-centered traps, and forget that the whole reason why they are promoting themselves in the first place is because they wanted to DO SOMETHING! Business growth is definitely acceptable to desire. We need to put food in our mouths, but recognition should be a wonderful by-product and not the main motivator.

If our society just focused on doing something rather than being someone a lot more would get done! Creating beautiful art and helping people feel confident are why I'm a stylist. Just reminding myself of that motivates me to kick thing into high gear. If you're a business owner, stop and think about why you started your business, and keep your eyes on that prize.

Let's get off our bums and do something!