Safety Uniform

Everyone has those mornings where you wake up, stare blankly at your closet and mutter, "I have nothing to wear." Everyone! Yes, even stylists. Here is the kicker...the safety uniform. Some people have one and some people don't. Do I? Heck yes! What is it?

Right now...a black blazer, v-neck and skinny jeans/pants. Call me a Michael Kors copycat if you want, but it's the safest thing on the planet and you're guaranteed to still look stylish.

Yes, it's incredibly boring and not creative at all,  BUT this uniform is for those moments of panic when you don't have time to think because you're late for a meeting or you're feeling down on yourself because nothing seems to look great.

It's the grilled cheese or bowl of Cheerios solution to when you have nothing to eat in your house, but you want something that tastes good and will satisfy.

Your safety uniform can come in different forms...a timeless shirt dress, a vintage blouse, a pencil skirt, etc...Right now mine just happens to be a black blazer and v-neck t-shirt.

Every person should figure out what their safety uniform is and have it in their closet for emergencies of negative self talk or being late so they don't go the rest of the day avoiding glances in the mirror.

Do you have a safety uniform? If so, what is it?