Top Hair Products & Tips from an Expert

I have a real treat for all of you. My dear friend Kim Cornwell has decided to share her top hair products and tips with all of you today.

I have collaborated with Kim on two other shoots (Marie Antoinette and Epiphanie), and I'll be working with her again in the very near future. Kim also happens to be my my hair stylist, and I DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone that is looking for a hairstylist in the Chandler, Arizona area. She's uber talented! You can check her out at Triple Threat Studios (480-225-4282).

Now onto the hair goodies and tips...

FOR PREP...When you start ANY hairstyle, your hair needs to be appropriately prepped. TIGI S Factor Silky Smooth and  Morrocanoil are amazing, lightweight products that actually improve the health of your hair while adding moisture, shine and heat protection. I  recommend using a prep product even on air dry days, but make it mandatory before ANY heat on your hair!  For those of us looking to multiply the look of our locks try a volumizer before blowdrying. I love TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Creme Gel, or for more oomph TIGI Beadhead Cocky.

FOR VOLUME...One of my personal all time favorite is TIGI Catwalk Root Boost. This product delivers awesome volume without stickiness or stiffness. Because it also has slight hold, it helps keep unruly bangs and cowlicks in line. Use cool air at the end of your blow-dry time to really lock volume in place.
FOR FINE HAIR...Fine hair that is lacking a life and movement needs product that brings texture, volume and a good " build up" feel. TIGI Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray and KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray do just that! Remember, my fine haired friends, keep conditioner off your roots! It will only weigh hair down making it more flat and limp.
FOR CURLY HAIR...For the curly head crew, check out TIGI Curl Amplifier or Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion. Both products hydrate, smooth and define curl without unwanted crunchies that gels and mousses are classic for. Steer clear of products loaded with alcohol because it will dry your hair out leading to frizz. Remember to rinse hair in cool water to help smooth down frizzies and lock in moisture.
DIRTY HAIR SECRET...Need to spruce up second, third or even fourth day hair( you know who you are! ), or just ran a marathon and don't have time to wash your hair? Dry shampoos are a dirty heads best friend. They soak up unwanted oil, excess product and funky smells...leaving hair refreshed, volumized and ready to rock till wash day. I love TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret or for a great buy under $8, Pssssst! works wonders and can be found local drug stores.
HAIR CONTROL....Need to tame down flyaways or piece out your texture and layers? Try TIGI Bedhead Hard to Get Paste. It has a light natural hold and smells completely edible! If you need a bit more separation and hold I recommend a new find of mine...Kevin Murphy Knight Rider or Gritty Business. Love the super smart, sleek packaging and earthy fragrances.
KEEPING YOUR HAIR IN PLACE...Now that your hair looks amazing, don't lose your style! TIGI Bedhead Masterpiece Massive Shine Flexible Hairspray or Sebastian Shaper Fierce offer flexible, firm hold that's not reminiscent of my childhood favorite...AquaNet ( can you believe they still make that stuff?!).  Both smell awesome, having lasting hold and brush out nicely.
WEATHER PROTECTION...Watch out for cold weather in the coming winter months! Treat your dryed out hair to a re-hyrdating mask that smells like an after dinner mint. TIGI Bedhead  Peppermint Hair Mask is super moisturizing, dry hair drinks it up! Over-processed summer hair could use a lil strengthening from TIGI S Factor Serious Conditioner - a splurge your hair will thank you for. A little on the ends twice a month is a great way to keep hair strong especially while trying to grow it out.

Good luck with the hair experiments, and stay tuned for more hair tips!

-Kim Cornwelll