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After working in the styling and blogging world for over eight years, I know what side is my good side and what is my "bad side." I know what kind of light is most flattering and which poses make you look thinner. I know what colors work best for my skin and what cuts flatter me most. None of these things are bad things, but we know that every image always puts our best foot forward. Unfortunately, we have all gotten so good at taking the perfect selfie, editing blemishes off of our faces, and applying the best filter to make us look like we're glowing that we have slowly started to distort what beauty is and should be - acceptance and love of yourself no matter what you look like. 

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It has taken me 33 years to get to a point where I can look in the mirror and say I am beautiful, and it's only in the past year, a year from hell no doubt, that I have been able to really let my "imperfections" show. I haven't really changed all that much. In fact, I may have even aged a lot more, but somehow I feel like I look better than ever. I would attribute all of that to the change in my heart and the self-esteem I have found this year. 

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As you might known, Dove, is a huge proponent for self-esteem conversations and addressing the negativity that the beauty industry can have on their customers. Dove wants all women to feel beautiful in their own skin. So, Dove, along with a bunch of influencers like myself, have started to use the No Digital Distortion Mark. This means that what you see in this photo wasn't altered in anyway. It's straight out of the camera. All fly aways remain, discoloration, fine lines...They are all still there because that's truly who I am. I wouldn't want to be or look like anything else. 

This is taking the authentic marketing conversation to a whole new level, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. This campaign is significant to me as an influencer and also as an influencer marketing manager at August United. Every day I contract influencer to tell stories for brands in creative and authentic ways. I have a responsibility to select individuals that are continuing to use social media in an ethical way, and that includes exemplifying beauty in a real and attainable way. 

What do you think of this conversation? Are you a fan of the 'No Digital Distortion Mark?'

Photos by Lauren J. Photography