Fall Picks by Petit Joy Vintage

I thought it would be fun to have some of my stylish friends share their fall picks and favorite trends while I'm away falling more and more in love with Elle.

So, today my friend Shelly from Petit Joy Vintage is sharing with you some of her fall shopping picks. She is a lover of all things vintage and owns a vintage clothing shop on Etsy. She is brilliant at home DIY projects, hair tutorials and regularly posts awesome outfits on her blog, so make sure to check it out!

I love fall. Actually I think it is safe to say that it is my favorite time of year. Not only does it mean that I don't break into a sweat as soon as I walk out the door, but it also means fall fashion. All of the layers and deep colors. During the summer it is more about simplicity, ease, and making a statement using minimal things. However, in the fall season, it's more rich and complex and there are more pieces, patterns, and textures to play around with. This isn't to say that it is any more difficult to pick out an outfit, just simply that you have got more options to have fun with. Since vintage is what I do and what I know, I decided to put together my fall picks using modern pieces with a vintage twist. - Shelly

1. Burgundy Cardigan from J.Crew. It is basic, yet versatile and can be worn in multiple ways.

2. Mosaic Blouse from Modcloth. This is more of a statement piece, but gives you a lot of options with color and it is simple enough in shape to also work in multiple ways and silhouettes.

3. Tangerine Mini Skirt from TopShop. I just love this. The front, scalloped pleat sold me right away.

4. William Tote Bag by Shana Luther. Because a girl has gotta have a good-looking bag to get her from fall to spring.

5. Polka Dot Stockings from American Apparel. I think socks are a very underrated accessory. They come in so many colors and patterns these days and can really add something unexpected to your outfit, not to mention just keeping those legs warm!

6. Black Velvet Loafers from Lulu's. I had to add these because I am obsessed with loafers at the moment. Sleek, comfortable, and classic.

7. The Sartorialist: Closer by Scott Schuman. Everyone should own his books. This is the second one to come from him (which is out this month actually) and they really capture the fashion of our generation from all over the world. It is an inspiration go-to for me if I am ever feeling uninspired with my wardrobe and the photographs are just beautiful.