Boudoir Redefined


Sometimes you are just struck by an image and inspired immediately. I saw an image on Pinterest (click here), and right away I knew I wanted to do a photo shoot that celebrated the natural beauty of the female body. I loved the idea of seeing water droplets on the skin, golden sun rays illuminating the body and hair blowing in the breeze. Liz Evans was the perfect photographer for this project because she has a whole company called Boudoir Redefined seeking to redefine the celebration of the female form. Boudoir doesn't always need to be smokey eyes and bed sheets. Boudoir doesn't even mean a woman isn't wearing clothes...Boudoir is purely celebrating the female body. SONY DSC

I thought Kelsey would be the perfect model for this project. I had the chance to work with her during a bridal shoot, and I was just entranced by her beautiful skin. She was really excited about the project too! Azure Shaffer did her makeup on the bridal shoot and did an AMAZING job. I knew I wanted her back for this, especially since she knew her skin already.


After three months of planning we headed out to the Salt River. It was a scorcher of a day. We all ended up in the water which was perfect to keep us cool. There were a couple of Tim Gunn make it work moments like sewing her into her bralette. It all worked out in the end.


I loved this shoot because it was so simple. It wasn't about the clothes at all. It was just about the feeling, the light and the confidence of being a women. I did, however, get to use an amazing French vintage nighgown my mom's friend gave me. It was the PERFECT slip for this project. It had lace ties all down the side. A simple bralette and high-waisted swim bottoms from Urban Outfitters was the perfect second look.


Photography by Liz Evans, Boudoir Redefined Art Direction and Styling by Alex Evjen, AVE Styles Modeling by Kelsey Groetken, Agency AZ Makeup by Azure Schaffer, Artistry by Azure Assistant Styling by Alyssa Hodson