This year has been one long marathon of trying to be strong, rally and make it through grief. I've done it, but I am exhausted. In just a couple of weeks I will have reached a year of living alone. The end of firsts is almost in sight! A couple of weeks ago, I went through some of my last "firsts," with what would be 11th year wedding anniversary hitting. I knew I needed to change the meaning of that day for myself, so I went back to my favorite resort in all of Arizona, Mountain Shadows.  I decided to make May 19th a day of revival. 


I went there last year to rejuvenate myself with some girlfriends (read last year's review). I knew it was the place I needed to go once again. From the beautiful grounds, to the tasty food, to the relaxing pool, to the stellar fitness classes...It was just what the doctor ordered.


I created a highlight reel on my Instagram account of all of the moments I loved. Click here to watch. Rennai joined me for a day at the pool where we enjoyed cocktails and talked for hours. Then I enjoyed a nice long shower and my time on the patio drinking rose before I met a friend for dinner at Hearth.  There was live music, and the food was amazing as always. 


I enjoyed an amazing sleep in my queen size bed, and then I took a full body fitness class in the morning. After that, I brunched with my friend Karolyn, and checked out fully refreshed. If you eat brunch there make sure to get the steak and eggs. OH MY GOSH! 


There were definitely some tears and some sad moments in the day because the royal wedding was happening the day of my anniversary. But being at that hotel kept my mind at peace and focused on enjoying my surroundings instead of dwelling on all of the what-ifs. 


I highly recommend Mountain Shadows for a place of peace and a good time. They have amazing staycation rates over the summer. Be sure to check out their website for more information.