Don't Over Think It

I know that I have talked about bright colors, mismatching your outfits and prints a lot these days. So, I just wanted to remind you that your outfits don't have to be complex to be "in style." Don't over think getting dressed. Take time to do your makeup and hair, but if all you want to wear is a v-neck t-shirt, a scarf and jeans..AWESOME. Having simple, chic style all comes down to having a closet full of basics that are well made and fit you properly.

Heck, that's the basis of menswear. You ever wonder why even fashionable guys can still get dressed in five minutes? That's why!

You may have seen some of these images below on my blog before, but I purposely did that to just remind you that simple is sexy and not just a fashion trend!

Photos: Wit & Delight, Brigadeiro, ZARA, Anthropologie, The Electric, La Dolce Vita