Life Update: New Job

It has been awhile since I gave a life update, and I have some happy news to share with all of you... In addition to styling and my job with AIA Arizona, I've become the new Project Manager for Promise Tangeman Creative. YAY!

I'm so excited about my partnership with Promise. She is a very dear friend and creative genius. It's truly inspiring working alongside her and manage her creative projects such as SiteHouse and custom identity work.

I decided to work with Promise because I very much enjoy organizing, communications and art. I'm finding that being around creative people, no matter what the art form, translates into my love of fashion. I can see architecture and graphic design influences in my tastes, and I think this position will really grow me as a business woman.

Don't worry though, you'll still see me posting about fashion, doing photo shoots, shows, etc. My dreams still remain. You can check out my official interview and announcement on Promise's blog:

You'll also find a couple sneak peaks of some photo shoots I did this summer. More to come. =)