Pepperologie: A Five Course Study of Style

I can't wait for October for two reasons...1. Fall. 2. Pepperologie. My dear friend Jessie Artigue for Style & Pepper will be hosting a five course study of style here in Phoenix on October 26, 2013 at Domus from 10AM to 5PM along with Summer Bellessa from The Girls with Glasses, Jenny Strebe from Confession of a Hairstylist, Lauren McBride of Holistically Fit and...Me! YAY! I'm so honored to be a part of this wonderful day that is all about helping women put a little more flavor and spice into different areas of their life (style, DIY, hair, health and home). Jessie's whole goal is to help women become the best possible version of themselves, and my heart is for that too. I love that this is an event that is not only fun, but is all about encouragement and positivity for all areas of our lives.

Attendees of the one day workshop will get lunch, snacks and drinks provided. They also get a ton of swag from AWESOME sponsors (check out past ones here).  If you register before September 1st you get $100 off your ticket, so go here right now and sign up!

If you totally aren't convinced this is worth a day of your time watch this video!