ALT SUMMIT PART 2: New favorites

When you meet new people you usually learn new things. Hanging with creative people for five days at Alt Summit gave me the chance to find out about some new talent on the web, new blog addictions and new magazine favorites. I'm going to share them with you, so make sure to thank me later. I prefer Madewell gift cards, yellow neon accessories and pretty coffee table books if you need some ideas.

1. KINFOLK Magazine - This pretty read has to be one of the most artistic and lovely magazines on the market right now. It's not just a good read though. Kinfolk is changing the way magazines impact readers by hosting community events around the globe   to build community with those that share the same likes and art. Check it out!

Kinfolk Manifesto from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

2. LA PETITE Magazine - This is the first magazine devoted to children's fashion, DIY projects and parenting that is just as artistic and beautiful as some of my favorite monthly fashion reads. Rachelle's taste takes this magazine to another level, free from the clutter of cheesy trucks, frogs and hot pink that we usually see walking up and down the kids' aisle in stores. You'll want to flip through all of the issues after one click.


3. SIMPLY GROVE - An interior design blog written by Kirsten Grove, and interior stylist in Boise, Idaho. Kirsten is one of the sweetest people that I met at Alt Summit, along with her cousin Rachelle (La Petite). She has impeccable taste and loves the Scandinavian design aesthetic.

4. TULIP LOUISE - This is a blog by a fellow stylist that has that southern charm you just can't deny. She regularly posts pictures of her outfits that always incorporate a bit of glam and sweetness.


5. Lisa Congdon - an artist and illustrator whose work is so whimsy and thoughtful. There are so many cute prints in her etsy shop that I would love to own. Hopefully one of them will be mine soon. =)