Spring Beauty: Must Haves

It's almost time for spring; which is, in my opinion, the best season for beauty trends. Here are a few products I love or can't wait to try! First up: Lip Tar! If you haven't tried this product yet, you definitely should! It's a long lasting lipstick that comes in SO many hues, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics products are 100% vegan and cruelty free, which is a huge plus.


Another in the lips category: Revlon Lip Butter. This is essentially a moisturizing lipstick, but it comes in great spring time colors such as Tutti Frutti (a bright, coral orange) and Sweet Tart (a bold pink)


For eyes: I think we will gravitate away from the liquid, cat-eye liner from fall and winter towards softer shades in pencil liner for spring. Try the Urban Decay 24/7 Gilde-On Eye Pencil in a dark plum or navy.

For your face: I'm not much of a blush girl, but Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Pale Pink looks like a perfect color for spring. This cream blush also multitasks as lip color, so you get two-for-one!


For your nails: This is my favorite category of beauty. Although my nails chip the second I step away from the polish, I am crazy about nail color. Essie has a wide range of pastel shades that are just right for spring time. My personal favorite is Lilacism, a pale lavender.


Eye Primer Battle

I'm a long time user of MAC paint pots, but recently decided to switch to Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer because I'm a person that likes change and trying new things. So, which product do I like best? Well, let's break it down...

Urban Decay's primer costs $19.00 at Ulta, which is more expensive that MAC's paint pot. It comes in four colors in a plastic squeeze tube. I like that you can't break it if you drop it (I do that a lot. Darn butter fingers!) There is 11ml in the tube, and a little dot goes a long way. It dries in about 10 seconds to a matte finish. I don't like the 10 second wait, but I do love the soft matte finish. BUT..the BIG question is, "Does it last?" It lasts for about 6 hours or so. I definitely end the day with some creases, but my eye shadow application is effortless.

MAC's paint pot only costs $16.50 and offers 9 different colors to use as your eye shadow base. It's .17fl, and is a gel consistency, which keeps you from grabbing too much primer. I don't like that you have to stick your finger into the pot or having to use a brush. A tube would avoid contamination or bacteria build up. I also don't love the glass container, but at least MAC recycles all used packaging. Application is just as easy as Urban Decay's product. It's ready to go the second you put it on your lids. Love that! As for the big question, it definitely lasts a good 10 hours. I have to take a wet cloth to my eyes and press pretty hard to get my eye shadow off.

So, in the end, I'm still a MAC fan!