An Unbiased Review of Rodan + Fields Skincare

A couple of weeks ago, I turned 32. This is the first birthday where I am starting to feel like getting older is not so fun. I recently touched up my roots for the first time, I've had arthritis for the past four months and I'm starting to really notice signs of aging in my skin. Oy! 

My skin has always been troublesome for me. In my adolescent years and through college I struggled with acne. I did EVERYTHING. They had me on birth control pills, I did two runs of Accuntane (no longer on the market due to the dangers to your body), regularly sought treatments from a dermatologist and even tried that Proactive line. Nothing worked. Finally, it got better when my Hashimotos disease was diagnosed and my thyroid was regulated. It was causing a lot of hormonal imbalance problems, and thus causing my skin to be out of control. 

Now, my skin challenges aren't as much about acne as they are about scars, discoloration and wrinkles. When I saw that everyone and their mom (seriously) was selling Rodan + Fields skincare I was very reluctant to buy into it because it was created by the same people that brought us Proactive. Anything that claims to have one solution for all makes me skeptical, so I ignored the hype. However, recently, a friend of a friend asked if she could send me several full-size products free so that I could share an unbiased review of the line. She believed in it so much that she was willing to risk the cost of the product. I said I would take the challenge and give my HONEST, personal feedback.

Below, you'll find all of the products I have used over the past four months. Before and after pictures and my thoughts on what is worth your money and what's not.

After doing an online consult that asked various questions about my skin I was recommended the Reverse Regimen to help with discoloration and dullness. I was also recommended a a few products from the Redefine regimen: night renewing serum, lip renewing serum, redefine eye cloths, multi-function eye cream. I also tried the micro-dermabrasion paste.


I started the whole skincare line on April 5th. Above are my before pictures, and below are the after.

You can definitely see that there has been an improvement in the brightness and texture of my skin. It looks smoother and more even. However, I wouldn't say you need all of these products to get this result.

Products worth your money:
I would say the 4 Step Reverse line is great, and all of the credit goes to this group right here! My skin is a bit sensitive, so I found that using the face wash every other day is better for my skin. I also enjoyed the redefine lip serum. My lips always felt incredibly moist the next morning.

Not so stellar products:
I could not use the micro-dermabrasion on my skin. It was too harsh even after one application, especially when I was already using the Redefine line. I also didn't care for the eye cloths. They didn't get the makeup off very well. The redefine face serum was hardly enough to apply to my face at night and I never really saw or felt a different the next day. I had similar feelings with the eye cream. 

This is my personal view and my experience after four months, and not a sponsored post. I'll post an update on my skin in another four months to let you know how it's going just because honest reviews of products can be helpful. If you have any questions about Rodan + Fields you can ask Erin Lizotte. She is the one that sent these products to me. 

Product photography by Rennai Hoefer