The Arizona desert is bone dry, and my lips have been looking and feeling just like the desert. I don't even dare put on dark lipstick because the color just ends up looking flakey and cracked. Have you experienced that? Vaseline is a brand I have trusted for years to heal the skin of my babies, and now they have created these pocket size Lip Therapy tins that are perfect for sticking in your handbag, diaper bag or pocket for relief on the go.

What I especially love about Vaseline Lip Therapy is that they offer aloe and cocoa butter formulas for additional healing properties to really moisturize your lips. Every morning I wake up and apply the cocoa butter formula and then I apply my favorite berry colored lipstick. It gives my lipstick a glossy appearance without the gummy, sticky texture that can come with other lip glosses. They only cost $3.99 at your local Target. That's beauty at bargain prices. You really can't beat that and your lips will thank you.

This post is in partnership with Vaseline Lip Therapy.

I'm a Benefit "Hoola" Gal


I tan easily, but I try to stay out of the sun as much as I can because I don't want to be one giant freckle when I'm 60. Lately, I have been dusting my face with Benefit's bronzer "Hoola." I have had so many people comment on how tan I look. Little do they know that it only takes me one minute in front of my mirror with this magic powder. haha. I highly recommend it. It doesn't make you look orange, and it works for all skin types. All of you pale peeps, don't be scared of  this dark brown hue. Just dust it lightly all of your face and throat.