Raise your hand if you get overwhelmed walking into Sephora...I sure do. I'm a gal that loves to play with makeup, but with so many choices and colors and formulas, it's a gamble on which one is the most flattering and best buy. My dear friend Lindsey Bouffard is a celebrity makeup artist, and found that her clients were just as frustrated with the buying process too. She also found that many of them had no idea what to do once they got an eyeshadow palette. 


Lindsey decided to create a no-brainer approach to eyeshadow application with Flekk Cosmetics. It's basically paint by numbers for your eyes. GENIUS! Each color has a number and coordinates to a brush with the same number. She even tells you which colors would look best for everyday wear and gives you a couple combinations for glam eyes.


All of the eyeshadows that come in the palette are for natural everyday wear, but can be amped up for night. You're going to see crazy purples, blues and greens. All of these palettes are to help women highlight their eye shape and eye color with browns, pinks, neutrals and golds. 


We all have different eye shapes and eye colors, so to find out which colors work best all you have to do is take a quiz. It will then recommend your palette combination. It's only $38 for six shadows. Such a steal!


I have the fine palette and I wear it every day. It's perfect! Let me know what you think! Check out the palettes here.