Under the Radar Pinners to Follow


People always ask me where I find my pins for Pinterest, and I always tell them that 95% of what I share on Pinterest is a repin from someone else. Rarely do I pin items from websites to Pinterest or self-promote my content compared to the volume of pins I re-share from the community. Now that you know that you must have deduced that it really matters who you follow on Pinterest and what kind of content they curate. I spend quite a lot of time finding new people to follow on Pinterest, and I thought I'd share some of my favorite Pinterest feeds from unknown pinners. When you follow new people and new interests you'll notice your home feed start to shift. So, if you have been dissatisfied with your feed as of late, try following new people or at least repinning from new people whose style you enjoy.

https://www.pinterest.com/scstylist/ A stylist with an editorial eye
https://www.pinterest.com/thecuratedhouse/ An interior designer from Toronto with a knack for details
https://www.pinterest.com/melaniekasey A buyer for Urban Outfitters that has great taste
https://www.pinterest.com/morinjacinthe/ A photographer with a great eye
https://www.pinterest.com/laceykaym/ She has a brilliant artist perspective
https://www.pinterest.com/valentinahortus/ She shares beautiful food that is vegan and vegetarian
https://www.pinterest.com/genesislauu/ A visual storyteller with great style
https://www.pinterest.com/finderofbeauty/ Only three boards with complete devotion to all things beauty
https://www.pinterest.com/thetessafrench/ A stylish bohemian perspective
https://www.pinterest.com/richelesydney/ Two gals with a knack for finding unique things
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