Featured in ELIZA Magazine - Geek Chic

I'm so excited to finally reveal a photo shoot that took place almost on year ago with photographer, Michelle Herrick. Last year, when "geek chic" became a term, we created a shoot centered around the theme and shot the concept at Brophy College Preparatory. What better place to be a geek, right?

Jaime from Agency Arizona was the perfect model for the job. Still being in high school, it was easy for her to channel her inner geek.

With each look I tried to create the different types of nerds.  There's the 4-H club nerd, the artsy nerd, the true book worm, the cute preppy nerd. Can there be a fashion nerd? If there is that's what I am. Can't learn enough!

We're super happy to see ELIZA showcase our work. It was a full collaboration of parties including hairstylist, Louise McEwen, and makeup artist, Jaime Edens.