An Etsy Christmas Guide

Ever since Thanksgiving Day, I have been getting on average about 35 emails a day from big chain stores such as GAP, West Elm and Barnes & Noble with free shipping deals, coupons and other enticements. Have I cashed in on some of those bargains? Definitely. But, did you know that you can find equally amazing things on Etsy like vase a for your mother-in-law, a locket for your best friend, and iPhone cases for your spouse for much cheaper than big box store prices?! Plus, you're helping local businesses survive with every purchase you make. It's a win, win if you ask me. Check out some of my cool finds. Everything you see is under $100.00, and personally something that I would like to own.

A glass locket - $62.00 I think this necklace is awesome. It's one of those one-of-a-kind special treasures, and something that you can personalize for someone you love with a photo. Although, I think it looks cool without one.

NYC Brass Cuff - $38.00 Who doesn't love funky pieces of jewelry? Brass cuffs are a great accessory all year round, and this one in particular is perfect for anyone that loves NYC.

Bud Vase - $12.00 How cute is this bud vase?! It's handmade and would fit in any style of home or would be perfect on an office desk.

Chevron Pillow - $14.95 I've been in love with this pillow forever, and anyone that has been awake the past year knows that chevron is the big print of the year. Plus, black and white goes with just about anything.

Rose & Chamomile Face Scrub - $14.00 Most women I know love beauty products. They are a gift of luxury, and the fact that this face scrub is all organic is over the top awesome.

Perfume solids - $70.00 Perfume and cologne are good, common Christmas gifts. I just wish that I had more portable scents like this solid perfume. This one is the one perfect gift because it's also in the most beautiful box and is all natural.

iPhone case - $50.00 I actually don't have an iPhone, but if I did I would have this case. Again, you can't go wrong with chevron.

iPad sleeve - $52.00 I also WISH I had an iPad, and an awesome looking sleeve to go with it. The cherry red and mixture of fabrics is killer!

Coaster set - $32.00 Coasters are the perfect gift for someone that you don't know all that well because everyone uses them AND you can find SUPER cool designs that match their style or personality.

Doormat - $65.00 I know a doormat is kind of a weird item to have on this list, but seriously how cool is this handmade rug?! It's made out of recycled boat rope and it's yellow. Yep, this one is definitely on my personal wishlist too.

Have fun shopping!!!