How to Look Great in Photo When You're Not a Model


Living in a world with Instagram, Facebook profile pictures and selfie sticks, learning how to take a great photo has become a must or else you will find yourself untagging yourself in photos a lot. Let's be real though...If you're reading this post there's a .01% chance you're a model, so the likelihood of you knowing how to take a great photo other than smiling is slim. I'm here to help! As a fashion stylist I have stood behind the lens watching models, and I've learned some tips along the way. This has come in handy too as I've started to do a lot more style posts of my own. Here are my five biggest tips when standing in front of the camera:


1. Never stand still for longer than a second. Constantly moving your body is what keeps you from looking like a statue. Even if it's simply tilting your head left to right slightly or shifting your weight from one leg to another, always moving keeps you looking fresh and authentic.

2. Say "happy" instead of "cheese." I have a tendency to over smile and show too much of my teeth in photos. It can give the idea that I'm being fake with my emotion. Saying "happy" allows you to smile with more control and also separates your top and bottom teeth.

3. Lean slightly forward. This helps your body look more relaxed and even disguise your mid-section a bit. If that's your problem area then you'll find this very helpful. Sometimes when we stand up very tall and straight we can, again, look like a frozen statue. The whole goal is to look natural.

4. Do something with your hands. Whether it's putting your arm around someone, tucking your hair slightly behind your ears, or grasping a coffee cup; giving your hands something to do prevents them from looking awkward as if you have two claws or always putting one hand on your hip like you're at prom.

5. Think happy thoughts. You've heard the phrase "smize" from Tyra Banks, but more than smiling with your eyes think thoughts that make you express true joy and happiness. It will shine through your eyes, as well as your entire body.

Photos by Sarah Deragon