A New Chapter of AVE Styles


Today, I'm not only releasing a new website design, I'm releasing a new chapter of A.V.E. Styles. Over the past four years my business has evolved greatly as I have learned what areas of fashion styling I like, love and can't live without. I've also become a mother, let go of two other jobs that I was doing when I first launched my business, and found unexpected success as a tastemaker and social media influencer. The combination of these elements lead me to hire a business coach, Jess Lively, and re-ask important questions such as, "What does my heart beat for? Where do I see myself in ten years? What do I want to be when I grow up? What am I truly good at? Who do I want to work with?" After some serious soul searching, I have come to these answers...

  • My heart beats for creating culture that reflects God's beauty and influencing people to see that beauty.
  • I am and want to continue to be a fashion stylist and art director who helps make people's vision come to life right before their eyes
  • I am gifted with a curatorial eye. I have a knack for knowing what people like and want to see more of. I am great at sharing and connecting people with others.
  • I see myself now and in ten years working with stylish brands of all shapes and sizes to cultivate brand awareness through the creation of original and artful content and sharing it with the masses
  • I want to work with men and women who are influencing culture in a meaningful way

Once I came to these answers, I realized that even though I thought I no longer had a passion for public relations and communications (what I studied in college and what I did for four years after school), I still do. I also realized that I particularly love styling and art direction for the purpose of creating images and film. I adore meeting with men and women in their homes and empowering them to find their personal style, but it doesn't get my brain spinning, my heart racing and leave me craving more as much as working with the camera.

So, here I go...Cheers to a new year, a new website, new services and knowing myself better than I ever have before! Happy 2014 everyone!


Photo by Gina Meola; Makeup by SN Makeup Artist; Hair by Kim Cornwell, Styling by Alex Evjen