Notebook Girl

A little fact about me is that I'm a notebook girl. I started journaling regularly when I was 15, and I found it to be incredibly therapeutic since I'm a verbal processor and I didn't have siblings to mull over ideas and thoughts with. Since then I've always had a pad of paper near me to write down to-do lists, ideas, thoughts and just the random stuff you need paper for.

Picking out a little notebook is something that I always look forward to because I feel like the style or cover that I'm drawn to is a visual representation of the new season I'm about to embark on. Silly, yes, but it's just one of my sweet rare pleasures next to getting manicures or massages.

So, what I am I writing in now? A bright neon green notebook my friend Sarah got me for my birthday that says, "Designers I met and Liked." I'm definitely in that exploratory networking time , so it was perfect! =) There's a whole fun series of notebooks by Archie Grand Design like the one I have such as, "Models I met and liked," "Hipsters I met and liked," "Faux pas I made and liked," etc.

Here are some other ones I found...


I like the one on the left for the little remark about recording only on the sunny days! haha!

This middle notebook is great just because that's the season that I'm longing for most right now. I just feel drained of ideas at the moment.

And the little book on the left is just plain awesome!