Pallet Project Reveal


A couple of weeks ago I shared some pictures of my Father-in-law, Rich, doing some handy work on some pallets (see post), and now I'm ready to reveal our little Pinterest-inspired project. pweb2

Ryan and I have spent a lot of time and money this past year redesigning our backyard. It's still a work in progress, but completing little DIY projects one at a time gives me enough fuel to keep going. All I can say is that we are starting love being outside more and more, and this little garden wall is my favorite spot right now.


After sanding the pallets, staining them with a clear water-proof stain and mounting them on the stucco wall we fastened metal brackets that you can find at your local Home Depot. I bought 14 small metal pots from Ikea so that the metal bracket would blend in a bit more.


Trader Joe's has the most affordable plants. So, I bought some herbs ($2.49) and some mini roses ($1.99) to put in the pots.


Now we're ready for spring and the next DIY project. I'm thinking it will be a picnic table of some sort.

Pallet Project


This weekend was spent with family and doing some home updates. Ryan and I decided to create a pallet herb garden inspired by Pinterest (see here). paletteprojectblog

My father-in-law is quite the handyman and helped us with the project. He sanded the pallets, stained them, hung them on our house...He pretty much did everything. haha. My house wouldn't look half as cool if it weren't for him.


Meanwhile, my mother-in-law kept my little one busy reading books to her and showing her the magic of Crayola. We are so thankful for them.


Once I put some plants in the pots I'll give the final reveal of our palette project.