We Are Free


I know many people out there are frustrated with politicians and the overall state of our country. Independence Day doesn't seem to mean much to the citizens of the United States as it did when I was growing up and the years before me. In certain parts of the country you can feel more pride than others, but overall I feel as though the people in my generation aren't necessarily proud to be Americans. I do, however, think that almost everyone I know is thankful to live in the United States and have so much freedom to make a life for themselves and generations to come. I'm especially thankful for three things this 4th of July...

1. A country that continues to fight for equality among gender and race. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a woman in a society that views me as less, tells me what I have to wear and tells me that I can't think for myself.

2.  A country that gives me freedom of speech, so that I can write freely on my blog and I can read about anything. Taking time to imagine my voice censored and my creativity put into a box kills my heart.

3. A country that lets me worship my God out loud and publicly. There are people dying every day because of their belief in Christianity. Though I would be willing to die for my beliefs I'm thankful that I don't fear for my life as I worship.

What three things are you thankful for this Independence Day?

Photos by Gina Meola Styling by Alex Evjen Makeup & Hair by Sarah Hubbell and Jess Mangieri Modeling by Steve and Hannah Wright


All-American Love

This past weekend a team of dear friends joined together to create an engagement shoot centered around nautical inspiration. Now, if you don't know...I live in the desert of Phoenix, AZ. I've always loved New England since that's where my extended family lives, and I consider my style to reflect that of a preppy Bostonian. So, obviously, this shoot was definitely fun to style!

Hannah and Steve Wright are an amazing couple that attend my church. They also happen to be down right gorgeous together!

Gina Meola is a good friend of mine, and a FANtastic photographer. We're practically neighbors in downtown Phoenix, and we've definitely done some great bonding since meeting at Melissa Jill's doggie birthday part (yes, we go to doggie bday parties!).

Sarah Hubbell did Hannah's hair for the shoot. Sarah has already had her turn in front for the camera for sequin shoot with Michelle Herrick. Sarah recommended her friend Jessica Mangieri for makeup, and she sure did rock it!

Okay, so down the nitty gritty of the clothes...Obviously, we focused on a patriotic color scheme of red, white and blue. We created two looks for Hannah and Steve. The first look was casual and playful - perfect for their pedal boat ride at Tempe Town Lake (BEST date night place).  The second look was a bit more dressy, and was photographed in a picnic setting. I incorporated little details of a boat rope headband, a bandana scarf and floppy hats. Details always bring a photo shoot to life!!!

I think this is SUCH a fun concept for couples and families that are planning to get their pictures taken this summer. If you love the water, the all-American spirit and look great in red, white and blue...This is for YOU! It's really easy to recreate. Heck, if we can do it in a desert, you can do it ANYWHERE!