Well, I did it! I did pilates at Core Body Pilates for three months with a minimum of three works outs a week. I feel strong, empowered, proud, flexible and healthy. My lifestyle and body has completely changed since I began this challenge. (see here for my the beginning post)

Before I started I was tired, in pain from my joint inflammation and I didn't feel confident. When I walked into a store I had to stick to certain clothes that disguised my mid-section or thighs. All of that is gone.

I was told that I would feel different after 10 sessions, see a difference in 20 and be changed in 30. It was an accurate statement and here's the proof.

When I began seeing results in the first month, I found myself even more motivated to keep going and step it up a notch. At the beginning of the second month I became gluten, dairy and sugar free to help lessen my inflammation and help my autoimmune issues. It has helped me SOOO much. I can't recommend that diet change enough. (read more about that here).

At the beginning of third month I found myself really looking forward to pilates, confident in how to do the moves and able to keep up for the whole hour. I started picking up the pace and going 4-5 times a week. Though it was hard to wake up every day at 4:20 the extra session definitely helped. 

I would highly recommend making a three month commitment if you are starting on a fitness journey. I think three session a week is a doable goal for the first month, but I would step up more in the second month if you can. I'm proof that it works, and I hope you take the challenge for yourself. For new clients, you can get a month of unlimited classes for $99. Such a great deal! They also have childcare for morning classes. Be sure to check the schedule to confirm.