I Make Pinterest Boards

I've been on Pinterest for a year now, and I like I've said many times before, Pinterest has changed my life and my business in wonderful ways. One of the many ways it has changed my business is that I now make boards for clients and vendors as a service.

Why would someone ever pay for this kind of service you ask?

1. To visualize their personal style

2. For a shopping list of the latest trends to incorporate into their wordrobe

3. A visual uniform of what to wear to work, an engagement session, a holiday party, etc.

4. To see a summation of a vibe for a styled shoot

Below, is an example of a board I created for my friend Mike who wanted ideas for outfits he could wear to client meetings and to shoot weddings in. I put together a board that showed items that he should buy such as a crisp white oxford, chambray shirt, slacks, etc. I then sent him an email listing out all of the different combinations he could wear.

You might be saying to yourself, "Well, anyone can do this!" That's true. Anyone can sign up for Pinterest and make boards, but at the end of the day my job as a stylist is to bank on my artistic eye. I mean, all of you get dressed in the morning, right? But, I have to hope that the way I visualize outfits is more appealing. My growth in followers on Pinterest has definitely affirmed this thankfully because otherwise I might have to start thinking about a different career. haha!

Having a fashion stylist create a look book or style board for you is an extremely affordable way to get personal style advice tailored to your needs. After getting to know someone through email, phone or in person (depending on where you are located), in an hour or two I can create a shopping list and/or visualization of outfits that would look wonderful on you.

This service really came about from several requests from photographers, friends and social media followers. I'm happy to say that they are satisfied customers, and I would LOVE to make one for you!!!

To learn more about my pricing, shoot me an email, alexandra@avestyles.com. I'm also happy to offer this to photographers, planners, or agencies that would like to incorporate this service into their pricing packages!