Sick Day

I was the kid that would lie through their teeth claiming to be sick so that I could stay home from school. Yep, that was me. Before I started working for myself, a part of me was secretly glad I was sick so I wouldn't have to go to work.

NOT ANYMORE! Loving what I do and running my own business, there is NO time to be sick! Zero! This morning I woke up with the crud, and still had to make it to a styling session for a client that was headed out of town for the holidays. There wasn't an option of rescheduling for her, and during an expensive season I didn't want to miss out on the business.

Yeah, so my body royally hates me right now. (sigh) That's what you get for packing your schedule too full and running down your immune system.

So, to those of you that haven't gotten sick yet during the cold season, don't fill up your calendars and go to bed early! Well, unless you don't like your job and you want to stay home from work. I won't blame ya on that one. =)

Here's a peak as to what I have been up to recently, and what could be the reason for being under the weather. Who knows?!

Photo by Session Nine Photography