Best Cleansers

The amount of facial cleansers I have tried over the years has to be in the hundreds. When I was a teenager I was looking for the magic cure for acne, and now as a 33 year old woman I'm looking for the fountain of youth. Okay, maybe it's not time for that quite yet, but I'm definitely looking for a cleanser to be gentle to my skin, take off the makeup and brighten my skin's appearance. 

In my recent review of Dermalogica, I shared I have started on a quest to take better care of my skin. I tried Rodan + Fields as well, and even though I found satisfaction in them both, I couldn't help, but wonder would I still like something better? So, I tried out a few more. Here are my thoughts:

Pharmagel Hydra-Cleanse: This is a very gentle cleanser that takes off your makeup extremely well. My skin really liked this product. My only beef with this product is the smell. It has an old lady smell to it, but I would buy it again regardless because I liked it so much.

Pharmagel Ezyme Ex-cell: This daily scrub was less abrasive than Rodan + Fields, but, unfortunately, it still was too harsh for my sensitive skin. I would rather use the Dermalogica exfoliant over this one.

Skin Fix Foaming Oil Cleanser - I love this gentle cleanser on my skin. It smells great and makes my skin feel soft afterwards, but the only problem is that because it's oil based you can't use it with lash extensions. If I decide to get mine off I will definitely use this. Plus, it's accessible at Target.

Skin Fix Gentle Foaming Clay Cleanser - This definitely exfoliated my skin in a more gentle way. I can't say I saw a huge difference, but I think alternating between the oil cleanser and this cleanser is a great daily beauty routine for me. This is probably what I will stick with for now because it's affordable and accessible. 

CLE Melting Cleanser - This cleanser has the best smell! It's so fresh and clean. It definitely does a great job removing makeup. The gentle non-foam formula is good for sensitive skin. The only downside is that is that it's not accessible as grabbing it at Target. My skin also felt so clean it had that rubbery feeling. I would recommend applying a strong moisturizer afterwards. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; product was given for review.