Ladylike Spikes

Up until now, the only people that I know that wear studs and spikes every day also ride big motorcycles, wear bandanas and have deep voices. Of course, I'm completely stereotyping, but seriously, that's all that comes to mind.

Well, I'm about to be proven wrong with all of the studs and spikes that are on shoes, bracelets, sweaters, name it. Pretty soon loads of people are going to be walking around with studded gear if they aren't already.

Now, let's be clear - This is WAAAAAY different than bedazzled clothes. Do NOT buy anything bedazzled, especially denim jackets. Barbie and My Little Pony are the only two that can pull that look off all of the time.

But if you're a gal like me whose style is pretty classic, clean and leans a bit toward the feminine side you're probably not interested in this trend. At least that's what I told myself when I started to see flats and slippers with studs on them this spring. I have to be on honest with you though - I think I'm warming up to them more and more, especially when I see a pretty dress with a bit of hardware or a pretty clutch.

Still not sold? Well, with any loud trend like this or neon you can always just add a little bit to your outfits with accessories rather than larger pieces such as pants, jackets and dresses. Check out some of these I found, and maybe you'll want to add some more hardware too.


studs and spikes

Image sources: Cherry Whore, Tumblr, Pinterest, The Shiny Squirrel, ASOS