Back in August, I shared a vulnerable update on what my body looked like almost one year after having Levi. Today, I'm sharing with you unedited pictures of that same body in a one piece. It's scary for me for some reason, but it really shouldn't be. This is me. This is my body. It's beautiful, but I also don't feel strong and I want to tone up the jiggle. I don't want to have to wear Spanx or one pieces to feel confident.

Prior to my pregnancy with Levi I was in the best shape of my life. I worked out at the gym three times a week, wore a size 2/4 and felt stronger than I ever had. So, knowing my body has the potential to not have a lot of jiggle and to FEEL strong made me want to get back into shape. 

I had resolved many times throughout my post-partum season to get to my butt to the gym. Well, as some of you know, we battled a lot of health issues for Levi at the time and getting to the gym was a struggle. I couldn't take him with me, and waking up at the wee hours of the morning or doing it at night was taken up by work since I had to take off so many days. 

Fast forward to now...I am 18 months post-partum and my body hasn't changed one bit. I'm still wearing size 6 pants and my tummy and arms jiggle like jello. I don't weigh much at all. I'm only one 130, but I don't feel strong and I still have to wear spanx smooth my lumps under dresses. I hate that!

I don't want to have to wear hot, sweaty, beige underwear to make my body look better. I want to naturally do it myself by toning up and getting in shape. So, for the past six days and for the rest of this month I have committed myself to Core Body Pilates. (You may have already seen posts about it on my Instagram stories). It is said that after 10 times you'll feel different and after 20 times you'll see results. Well, I'll tell you what...After only six times I'm seeing results and I'm feeling stronger. 

More about what I've learned in pilates soon, but for now, you can join me on Instagram to see daily updates on my progress. 

Preparing to Stay in Shape Over the Holidays


Over the summer I turned 30, and I started my own 30 Thriving Challenge because I had always talked about getting in shape, but I never did anything about it. I wasn't fat, but I wasn't strong. I knew I couldn't run a mile without feeling winded. I knew I couldn't lift much more than 30 pounds without struggling. I knew something had to change. I partnered with Mountainside Fitness to help me change my lifestyle, and I'm partnering with them again to help me maintain it over the busiest season full of distractions and temptations to over-indulge. Here is how I am preparing for the next 37 days to make sure I don't back slide.


1| Scheduling my workouts until the end of the year - I use Google Calendar for everything. I would never know what day it is without it. I have scheduled three workouts a week for the rest of the year, and put a reminder right when I need to wake up that day to go to the gym. Doing this will prevent me from filling up my calendar and not leaving room for fitness.

2| New workout gear - I am gifting myself new workout gear for Christmas. I only have two pairs of pants, and with the cooler weather here I don't want to bring out my shorts. Getting more pants and some long-sleeve tops will keep me from the excuse that my clothes are dirty and I can't go to the gym.

3| Paying for Childcare - I am paying $15 a month for the rest of the year for childcare with Mountainside Fitness. I couldn't workout without it. Sure, I could workout in the evenings when my husband is home, but then I would miss out on family time. This way Elle gets to play with other kids, and I get some alone time without any anxiety.

4| Meal planning - I am the WORST at this. I need to start meal planning weekly to avoid eating a lot of pasta and takeout over the next couple of weeks. I am proclaiming to you that I will be using my crockpot like no one has ever seen. Soups, chicken, tacos...It's all happening until the new year. I'll be sure to share recipes along the way as well.

5| Hanging out with friends at the gym - If you're my good friend and you're reading this I have news for you. We're ditching Starbucks and hitting the gym to hangout. Sound good? Okay, okay...maybe not always the gym, but we're doing something active like going to the park or going on a walk at the very least. The weather it too beautiful in Arizona not to enjoy it, and the brownies that people offer me are too yummy not to try. Get what I'm saying?