Kari & Charlie Styled

I love my job, and I love my clients. Kari and Charlie are two wonderful people that invited me to style their engagement shoot with Gina Meola. These two went ALL out, and decided these photos were so important to them that they headed all of the way to San Diego, California to make sure they had a beach backdrop.

Of course, if you're going to travel many miles to take some photos you HAVE to look killer. So, after meeting both of them and rummaging around in their closet to see what basics they had, we headed out shopping. I created four outfits for each of them. Three of the outfits they wore in San Diego, and one they are going to wear in an additional shoot here in Phoenix with their puppies.

Kari was so enthusiastic and trusting. Two great qualities in a client. She shared with me the colors and clothes that she felt most comfortable in, but then of course, you have to push the boundary a bit for engagement photos. Kari ended up trying her first pair of leggings and her first pair of skinny jeans. I'm happy to say she loved them. And, she looks great in them, no?

Charlie is a really laid back guy, so he was up for pretty much anything. However, it was important to him that he looked like himself. So, after selecting Kari's wardrobe, we picked out Charlie's and made sure that everything he wore complemented her outfits. He felt most confident in jean, so we just selected the perfect shirts for his skin tone.

But even if a couple is gorgeous and has the right clothes on, the poses and the backdrops that the photographer chooses can make or break the photos. Gina Meola is a genius when it comes to this, and she picked such amazing photo spots to bring out the colors and personality of the couple. To see more photos from this shoot, please visit Gina's blog.