Pinterest Controversy - Stylish Kiddos

Yesterday, I saw a picture of a very stylish kiddo and I pinned it to my Mini Me board (image below). To my surprise I started to receive a slew of negative comments. I thought to myself, "Even if this kid was styled by his parents, why would this image upset so many people!? 42ce1c8263ec2d21cab2b017190e803d

So, I thought this would be a great time to address styling children. I have definitely styled plenty of children for photo shoots. Here is a project I worked on with Kym Ventola that was featured in a magazine last year. I would say these kiddos fall in line with the photo to the left. I would also like to add they had a blast on the shoot. =)

Being a mom, I put clothes on my daughter every day. I would definitely take something off if I thought my daughter was unhappy or hated it. I think it's important to help her express herself with her clothing, but until she can talk I choose clothes for her that I find cute. I'm not trying to project my taste on her in a purposeful way. I just need to make sure my daughter isn't naked. Why not pick something that looks cute in the process. Can I get an amen?!

When I was young, I remember my mom dressing me in outfits I sometimes thought were lame. However, I also remember getting to pick my own outfits and my mom letting me walk out of the house in some really bizarre stuff. I can't recall one time I got made fun of to my face until I got to high school and I wore an Abercrombie t-shirt. Yeah, I never wore that thing again. haha.

What do you think? Do you feel that this kiddo is over styled in a negative way? Do you feel that parents shouldn't style their kiddos to extremes? Is there a line? I want to hear from you!