Self Tanning Mitt

We all know that lying in the sun and in tanning beds is horrible for your skin, and yet summer after summer we still want a nice tan and sacrifice our skin for it. Sure self tanners are available, but they are a pain in the butt! You always end up with streaks, smelling funny and orange fingers.

Well, recently, my sister-in-law Nicky and I tried our hands at self tanner again, but this time we were armed with a Self Tanning ULTA Sunless Mitt. I definitely think this is an AWESOME , CHEAP and EASY solution to avoiding orange hands and streaks! The mitt only costs $4.99, and it's totally reusable. All you have to do is rinse it with soap and water and lay it flat to dry.

You can use the mitt with lotion, foam and spray tanners. It rubs the product perfectly into your skin and makes everything nice and even. Give self tanners a try one more time with this mitt. I promise you'll become a fan. Now if only we can find a self tanning product that doesn't smell horrible...