Testing with Nick Duplessis

The first year of styling was just about getting pictures. The second year was definitely about that, but it was also about working with new photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and professional models. This past September I reached out to Nick Duplessis who is an amazing fashion photographer in Phoenix, Arizona. I asked if I could "test" with him, which means that I wanted to test my styling skills with a model who also wanting to add to her portfolio (a.k.a not a paid gig). Test photos are something that makeup artists, hair stylist, models, photographers and fashion stylists all need in order to get paid jobs and eventually tear sheets.

I was SOOO nervous. It was the first time working in a professional studio and working with Nick.

WE HAD A TOTAL BLAST! The whole team of Cristina from FORD RBA, Nick and Arthur Fredericko (makeup and hair stylist) was brilliant.

Man, I can't tell you how much a professional model changes a photo. Cristine was genius to work with. Every little silly jump and hair flip turned into magic.

All of the clothing that I used was from a closet of my good friend Sarah. Yep! You have to get creative, especially when it's a test shoot because it's not necessarily going for publication, and therefore stores aren't going to be apt to lend.

BUT...You may remember these images from my announcement on Monday - that this shoot was just featured in the most recent issue of WLWL Magazine.

I went into the test with the concept of transforming summer clothes into winter, and I really feel that the thought out concept made it successful in submission process.

Other than the wedding industry, it is REALLY hard to get photos published that have been taken purely on 'spec.' Meaning done without the magazine hiring out for it. I think this is slowly changing (thank goodness), but it's still very much the case for most fashion magazines.

I hope you love the photos. I definitely wish that vintage gold dress wasn't one of a kind. =)