I've never thought that diaper rash could be one of the worst things to happen to your baby until now. Levi had diaper rash for over a month due to chronic diarrhea. We finally discovered it was because of a series of food allergies, but white we were troubleshooting it doctors suspected things like Toddler's Diarrhea, bacterial infections and parasites. We went through a lot of tests all while dealing with a diaper rash so bad there was no skin left on his bottom. We're talking blood and a lot of screaming. 

He was in so much pain he wouldn't crawl. I couldn't leave the house because I couldn't set him in his car seat. It was the most brutal diaper rash you can imagine. I asked all of my mom friends what their cures were. I tried everything from homemade wipes to essential oils to creams I had never heard of. Nothing really worked until we were able to consult a GI specialist and dermatologist. 

So, to save other babies and parents from a lot of tears and screams here's what worked for us: 

1. Switching from sensitive wipes to WaterWipes. Even sensitive wipes had chemicals in them that were irritating Levi's skin. I also tried making my own with lavender, sensitive soap and paper towels, but the soap was too irritating. WaterWipes worked the best because they are 99.9% water with .1% grapefruit extract. Levi also has eczema, so we have been sticking to these.

2. Zinc Oxide - The dermatologist said to apply every 10-15 minutes a thick layer of diaper cream with at least 40% zinc oxide. We used Extra Strength Desitin, but there are others out there. Applying it frequently even before he soiled himself was a HUGE tip. This kept the skin constantly covered. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it for him.

3. Air drying - As much as you can, try to leave the diaper off. It was kind of a nightmare to do this with a crawling baby that was pooping every 15 minutes. However, the air really helped. We sat outside with him, and when he pooped we rinsed his bottom off with the garden hose and gently patted him dry with a towel. He was much happier that way.

If your child has severe diaper rash be sure to visit your pediatrician. Yeast infections can happen easily when this occurs, and they may need prescribe an anti-fungal topical ointment. For us, the culprit of the rash was diarrhea, and once we were able to stop it his rash healed overtime. It took two weeks for it to heal, but this method really got us through it all. I hope it helps! 

Photos by Sarah Waggoner for Carter's.