The Pants Dance

I did the pants dance the other day. You know, the one where you shimmy your pants on, squat down to stretch out your waste band, lie on your bed and pull your legs to your chest to make sure you can actually walk in your tight, skinny jeans. Yep, I did it. It's just once of those tighter seasons - haven't exercised in awhile, eating too many snacks, drinking too many lattes...Just enough slacking so that my pants are tighter than normal. Every person goes through this. I'm sure our dances all look different, but mine usually have a shimmy and squat built into every one. So, what do you do when your pants feel uncomfortable, you feel down about your body and you seriously are stuck as to what to wear?...For me, I wear dresses.

A-line dresses usually come in at the smallest part of your waste and give your bottom half some room. Dresses also make me feel very feminine and pretty. Maxi dresses can be another option for some. I can't wear then because I have a larger bust, and they tend to make me look preggo. But foor those that don't have my body type, I would definitely recommend them.

Skirts are a runner up in this department. Often times the trouble with skirts is what to wear on top, and if your stomach is the problem they can quickly accent it. However, if you're a fan wearing skirts a long, bohemian one or an a-line one can help shield your thighs and butt.

Of course, the true solution is to do something about it, but you have to wear something in the meantime, right? So, wear something that's going to make you feel feminine and give you a chance to wear your new wedges.