The Pony

Styling hair is something that has never come easily to me. From birth my hair has been out of control, curly and frizzy. My mom never knew what to do with it, and resorted to the ugly mullet for a time. ACK!

As I got older, I started brushing my own hair and escaping painful brush strokes of death (just kidding...kinda). I found myself always throwing my hair up in a pony tail. It was easy, and it looked good. I don't think I ever really left my hair down until the end of high school or the beginning of college when straighteners became popular.

The pony tail is the easiest up-do in the books. It is finally coming back to rival the bun and top knot, and I think we're in need of change anyway.

Here is some beautiful pony hair inspiration to enjoy, and get you in the mood for changing times!

Images: Dia De Beaute, Previously Owned, Pinterest, Audrey Hepburn, Refinery 29, The Glitter Guide