Traditional Medallions & Modern Lighting

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There is a new trend in home design that has caught my attention - ceiling medallions. In the past, ceiling medallions have been paired with ornate, traditional chandeliers to create a luxurious focal point in a room. However, the new trend is mixing modern and contemporary designs with traditional design, and this also applies to lighting. I'm anxious to try this trend out for myself because we are in need of a ceiling light in our family room. I love the idea of dressing up a simple, modern pendant. So, with the help of The Home Depot, I have been able to find a ton of great lights as well as medallions to achieve the look I'm dreaming of.

Did you know that The Home Depot has a ton of beautiful decor online? I had know idea they had such a large variety of styles. After sorting through all of their choices, I've listed my favorite lighting combinations below. Please weigh in and tell me which one is your favorite.

1/ Polished Chrome Glass Pendant with Bonetti Ceiling Medallion 2/ Oil Rubbed pendant and French Twist Medallion 3/ Brass Globe Pendant and Orion Medallion 4/ Chrome chandelier and Viceroy ceiling medallion

I had no idea there were so many styles of medallions to choose from. In my opinion, the more ornate the medallion the more simple the light should be. But because I will need a lot of light in our family room I'm learning toward a modern chandelier, so I like the thought a medallion that is a bit more simple like the Leandros medallion below. Option number 5 is my first choice with number 7 in a close second.

5/ 5 light brass chandelier and Leandros Medallion 6/ Silver Foyer Pendant and Berkshire Medallion 7/ Brass 6 light lantern with Attica Ceiling Medallion

Tell me which combination is your favorite and if you would attempt this trend in your home. Also, stay tuned for future posts featuring decor from, and be sure to check them out for your next home project..

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