Ulta Beauty Products

Maybe you're like me, and whenever you go into an Ulta store you don't even give Ulta's beauty products the time of day. I usually check out the buy one get one free deals in the drugstore cosmetics section, scan the the higher-end beauty product prices and get a couple of hair goodies from the back.

Well, the other week they didn't have any good deals with Revlon, Cover Girl, etc., and I needed a new eyeliner before heading out on a trip. I glanced over at the Ulta beauty product section and saw they were having a special. I tested their eye liners on the back of my hand, and decided to try out their Automatic Eye Liner. I pulled out a shiny lip gloss for my freebie, and crossed my fingers in hopes that I didn't waste my money.

I am happy to report that I am VERY satisfied with the results. I'm saying good-bye to M.A.C.'s eye liner and hello to Ulta's because it's cheaper (it's on sale for $1.00!!!!) and I get the same results. Plus, their Super Shiny Lip Gloss is wonderful. It's not gummy AT ALL. It's shiny, very moisturizing and smells delightful. They are on sale for only $4.00 right now!!!

$5.00 for two new beauty products. How awesome is that?!