What I Don't Do

So, I'm reading this book, Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist, and there is a chapter entitled, "What I Don't Do." Besides being laugh out loud funny, this chapter offered a wealth of wisdom to me as a professional, as a wife, as a friend, etc.

We all have those people in our lives, or even celebrities, that just look like they have it all together. Great marriages, gorgeous and polite children, a fantastic career, a beautiful home, an impeccable wardrobe and flat abs... haha. We all know perfection doesn't exist, but I think there are women and men out there that can accomplish many things and do them well, but NOT EVERYTHING.

In the book, Shauna asks one of those all-star ladies in her life how she does it, and she responded saying it was about what she doesn't do - what she doesn't spend her time on because she knows herself well, and only wants to invest in the things she cares about.

So here's my list of what I don't do right now because I value other things more...

1. I don't bake. Why? I like salty things over sweet, I have no self control when it comes to cupcakes and I just don't enjoy the process of baking or even cooking for that matter. I'm sure Ryan wishes I baked desserts more because he has a sweet tooth, but I don't. I'm okay with that too. I don't mind buying store bought cookies AT ALL if I have to bring something to a party. That's just me.

2. I don't garden. In fact, I think I could have a successful career in killing plants because that's what happens when I try to have real plants. haha. I also don't mind having gorgeous fake orchids. They look just as cool to me. =)

3. I don't do crafts. As creative as I am and as much as I like the idea of being able to restore furniture, create my own jewelry, sew my own curtains...I don't. I was making hair flowers for a little while, but honestly, I just didn't like the slow, boring process. I'm a fast paced person, and I'm okay spending my money on a cool headband and supporting someone else's business.

4. I don't keep up with my nails. As I sit here and type, my toes are covered in lavender toe nail polish from JUNE and my hands have a two week manicure that I have made last for FIVE weeks. Yeah...I just need to step away from the nail polish.

I know myself pretty well to confidently say that the things above will never really be a priority for me because they just aren't a part of who I am and what I truly enjoy doing.  I guess it goes back to the concept of doing a few things very well over doing many things mediocre. I am capable of doing the things above, but they just aren't a priority for me. They could very well be for you though.

What are some things you don't spend  your time on? Making the bed? Washing your car?