What's in a name?


What is in a name? It's a famous question asked by William Shakespeare in the play Romeo and Juliet, and it's a very important one that I asked myself a lot as the relaunch of AVE Styles approached. A couple months ago, a close friend of mine challenged me by asking me what is most memorable about my style or my personality. Nothing came to mind, which took my brain to the dangerous place of comparison land where I thought about other stylists in the business easily identifying and communicating their unique style (edgy, shabby chic, vintage, etc). Even days later, I realized that I don't have a specific style I completely align with. Rather, I appreciate ALL styles. I love working on projects that showcase variety and range. I love wearing ultra feminine clothes to tomboy clothes. At first when I came to this realization, I felt like I wasn't good enough because I didn't have one major unique thing. But after some soul searching, I thought, "To hell with that! I am who I am!" My appreciation for many styles, my ability to art direct and style projects that that run the gamut of fashion is what makes me who I am and unique. Not everyone can say the same thing.


So, let me introduce you to me - to Alex. I am an honest soul. I value authenticity, justice and hard work. I am a go getter, a natural networker and I thrive on bringing people's vision to life through my curatorial eye and ability to style people well. I love to laugh. I love to sing, I love to help people feel alive and experience this world's beauty. I dream often.

I have been married six and a half years to Ryan. I have a golden doodle named Wendy (pictured below). I am a mom to  sweet and spunky Elle. I enjoy living in Phoenix, Arizona. I don't like beets and liver, but I'll eat and try anything else. I am Greek, Italian and Irish. I'd say the stereotypes of my cultures remain true. I am loud. I am emotional. I am stubborn. But, I love life. I love good people and good food. I love to celebrate. I love to create. And, most of all, I love God.

Visit again tomorrow to meet another side of me that you didn't know before.


Photo by Gina Meola. Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel. Hair by Kim Cornwell. Styling by Alex Evjen, AVE Styles.