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How many hours a day do you think you spend on your phone? Eeek, if you're anything like me, probably a scary amount. Running a business that depends so heavily on social media and the internet I definitely rack up the hours. I've got countless apps to make life easier, plus a few for leisure, but lately I made it a point to make my iPhone a little more fashionable. (With apps, that is.) Fashion has always been one of my biggest passions and although I'm getting more and more into the lifestyle sector of blogging, fashion will always be a part of my everyday life. These apps are my go-to's for staying updated in the world of fashion and cultivating my closet. 

Vogue Runway

Free in the App Store, the Vogue Runway app is the ultimate high fashion archive. Photos from designer’s shows are uploaded almost real-time, so you can always head here to see what’s fresh off the runways. (Download this before “fashion month” in February and you’ll never miss a show.) This app is especially fun because the archives date back to 1991, feelin’ like a flashback anyone??

Tip: This app is Pinterest friendly, so pin straight from the app to give your feed some high fashion flair.

The Hunt

You’re scrolling through Instagram and see a pair of heels. Not just any heels, THE heels. You know, the heels of your dreams that you’ve been searching for endlessly. Only it’s not on a blogger’s account, not linked, and you have no idea where these beauties came from. The Hunt begins. Open this app, post a pic of the mysterious heels and wait for the community of fashion fiends to lead you in the right direction. Seriously, this app is amazing.

FAD - The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

Pay $3.99 in the App Store and never wonder what an epaulet or lettuce hem is again. This app is the perfect investment if you're looking to improve your fashion literacy as it covers all types of fabrics, garments, cuts, and even provides information on designers. You'll be amazed at the phrases you didn't even know you didn't know! 


If you're an organization guru, this app is for you. Stylebook is essentially a virtual closet, allowing you to easily see what items you have and put together new outfits. These "outfits" can then be saved and placed on the in-app calendar, so you have record of what you wore each day. The $3.99 download fee is worth never having to wrack your brain to remember what you wore last time you saw your in-laws or had brunch with the girls. 

While there are countless fashion-related apps out there, these are just a few of my favorites. I'd love to know what your favorites are, too! Drop me a note in the comments.