Black Button-Down Dress


There’s nothing like a great LBD. Well, how about a machine washable cotton one?! Yep, this dress is basically perfect.


If you’re in the market for an easy, breezy dress for summer to wear over swimsuits or on the daily, this black, button-down maxi dress from Garnet Hill is perfect. Plus, it’s on sale for $68 right now.


If you are looking for summer shoes to match, be sure to look at Garnet Hill’s shoe collection. I’m loving these espadrilles for summer.

Light & Dark


Healing comes with time. It’s true. Patience with yourself and the process is key to minimizing further pain and damage. That is a tortuous sentiment for a faced-paced woman like me. No human likes discomfort or waiting. Everyone wants to be healed immediately whenever sickness, pain or hardship strikes. But when we look back, we can see why it’s good to be patient and how much healing was needed and has come from time and the process. Truthfully, the steps that it took to heal would have been made the healing process more excruciating. Be patient with yourself.


I’m thankful to have my friend Megan to document it each year. She shot my resurrection photos when I was in San Diego last summer, and shot some photos that I call “Light and dark” this spring.


To me, these photos feel very honest of who I am. I’m a woman that seeks truth and the light, but I’m flawed and imperfect. I have a shadow that goes with me everywhere I go even though I stand in the light.


I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


Wide-Leg, Cropped Overalls


I have been wearing overalls for the past couple of years, and I have found them to be extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, my last pair broke while I was on set in California. I adored them (see them here). So, it was time to find a replacement.


In the time that I bought my Levi’s (old overalls) and my new pair by Topshop, the styles had changed from skinny to straight to wide-leg. Like any trend, I wasn’t into the wide-leg cropped pant when it first hit the scene, but I have warmed up to it. I am always a fan, however, of cropped pants because every pant that I wear ends up being cropped due to my long legs.


These overalls in particular are amazing because they are formfitting at the natural waist, which is very rare in overall designs. I appreciate this because it is much more figure flattering.


I don’t particularly love the backside, but I do love how high-waisted they are. It allows me to wear all sorts of cropped tops and tanks. I’m wearing a bodysuit in these photos, which can be a challenging bathroom combo. LOL! I do not recommend. Haha!


Pics by Rennai Hoefer

Garnet Hill Cotton Skirt


This post is sponsored by Garnet Hill.

To know me is to know that I’m always wearing some form of denim. It’s just the southwest girl in me. Dress it up or down, it’s what makes me feel most comfortable. But, just like anything, I can tire of the same old thing. I have dresses that I’ll throw on from time to time, but skirts? Yeah, that’s not really something I have much of. When I saw this cotton black skirt by Garnet Hill I was intrigued by it. There’s a casual quality to it that I love, but the asymmetric hem and the chicness of black made me see this skirt as much more than a regular cotton tube skirt.


So, I took a chance on it, and I’m loving it. I especially love wearing it with a cotton t-shirt and sneakers. It’s exactly what spring style is all about. The length is great as well because it’s modest for a woman in her mid-thirties, but the design is very fresh. You can also snag the skirt in gray.


If you’re in the market for some new spring basics, be sure to check out some other cotton pieces on their site. You can always be assured you will get top-notch textiles from Garnet Hill. Their linen selection is exceptional.


Photos by Rennai Hoefer.



Many recent studies have proven the negative effects of blue light that is emitted from electronics. Given that I work on a laptop nine plus hours a day and use my phone incessantly, the amount of exposure to blue light is a lot. I wear glasses regularly, but all of the lenses that I own don’t protect against this type of light. So, I recently got new lenses from DIFF Eyewear that are SUPER cute!


I’m loving thin frames and circular shapes in fashion lately. It’s very 90s, and, truthfully, more harmonious with my fine bone structure. DIFF Eyewear is a brand that carries the latest trends and styles and also gives back to those in need with each purchase. I love when my dollars can be used for good, especially when I’m getting a good product in return.


I highly recommend DIFF eyewear. If you use the code EVJEN at check out you will get 10% off your purchase from now until February 26th, 2019.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer. Product sent for those post..