Overalls at 32 feel awesome. If you have ever been on the fence about buying some try these Levi's (on sale right now). They are cropped, so you don't need to worry about getting the right length.

I play hard in them with my kids, but you can also dress them up with a black turtleneck and heels. Today, I'm wearing them with a high collared white blouse

I have also been loving this fringe jacket (similar) and fringed handbag from Fossil. It's just the bag I need when I'm not toting my diaper bag. Blue goes with everything just as much as black does. Give it a try this summer.

I really feel like I've embrace my comfortable easy style these days. I'm looking forward to sharing my style evolution at the Phoenix Art Museum Story Tellers event. Please check it out and come! 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; This post contains affiliate links.


I've been reading and hearing this phrase, "I see you," a lot in the media. I've heard Michelle Obama use it, and, most recently, Viola Davis in her tribute to Meryl Streep. It implies a deeper seeing than the surface. It refers to a true understanding and knowing of someone and their motives. It also means that you are not ignoring their voice or actions. I love this phrase and it's meaning so much, especially in this visual digital world where we scroll and consume and read, but we aren't truly listening or understanding one another. 

It makes me sad and angry to know that it takes marches of thousands of people around the world to be heard, seen and understood. And I can't help but think about this on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and with the women's march approaching (January 21st, 2017). 

If I had one super power it would be to help people truly understand one another's desires and needs. And if I could eradicate one problem it would be selfishness. This way we could help meet one other's needs on this earth, and there wouldn't be a person left out (hopefully). But here's the truth: we can actually do have this power - to understand one another and deny our selfishness. 

I know this because this is the main challenge of a marriage. Ryan and I are together every single day, and have been for almost 10 years. We know each other extremely well, but there will never be a day when I know exactly what he is thinking 100% of the time. At the root of the fights that we have as a marriage couple is misunderstanding. What we have learned through marital counseling (everyone should go, btw), is that we need to ask follow up questions before responding with answers. Some example of that are:

"What I am hearing you say is...." repeat back what you have heard the other person say.
"How does this make you feel?" try to understand their feelings behind what they are saying.
"What do you need in this moment?" Most often there is a request or a need behind the discourse.

And then once we make sure to eliminate misunderstanding with clarifying questions we can respond. That doesn't always mean we can meet each others needs, but that usually leads to some sort of compromise.

We as a society can't even get to the point of a compromise. We are just shouting back and forth at each other right now. Let's seek to truly see each other and understand each other right now. Let's ask these questions to our friends and community that we don't see eye to eye with, and love them because they are living, breathing people God has made. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; glasses by J. Mclaughlin  


It's that time of year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is easily the store's best sale all year long, with major price cuts storewide. What makes this sale extra special is that all of the sale items are brand new arrivals. Pretty crazy, right? Since the sale hits at the end of summer, I always use it as a chance to kickstart my fall wardrobe. 

The sale's early access for cardholders started late last week, so I shopped the sale and rounded up some of my very favorite style steals under $100. If you aren't a Nordstrom cardholder, the sale will become available to you on July 22. However, I'd definitely recommend becoming a cardholder. Nordstrom has a great rewards program and even offers a debit card option, so you never have to worry about your shopping getting you into trouble. 

Some things that I've already picked up are this affordable and chic bag by Sole Society and these gold hoop earrings. Both of these accessories go with everything and they were at the perfect price. You can shop them below, as well as some other picks. 

Photos by Sarah Waggoner 

NSALE 2016.jpg


I'm still working on getting my body back into shape after having Levi. I'm definitely making progress having lost about 25 pounds now, but I still have 10 more to go. Until then I'm avoiding spending a lot of money on jeans I'll only wear for a couple of month. Instead, elastic waistbands definitely come in handy for transitioning body because they can, obviously, expand and contract as my body changes. 

I found these comfortable and cute silk printed pants at Nordstrom Rack the other day. I don't know if it's the 5am wake up calls or not, but this PJ inspired outfit is one of my favorite go-to's right now. I love wearing simple t-shirt with these pants, and adding a blazer and slipper flats to complete the look. (If you need help with styling prints, check out Monday's post).

To dress up the outfit I like to add mules from Sole Society and my favorite diaper clutch from Petunia Pickle Bottom

Clothes that you can run around in and chase after kids that are stylish seem hard to come by, especially things that are machine washable too. So, take my word for it, these are a great buy if you're in a similar life stage or even if you don't have kids. 

I can't say that men are all to keen on these pants, but, hey, that's what they say about maxi dresses and I still can't live with out them in my life. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable because that's how your beauty will truly shine.

Shop the look: Silk pants (similar), black t-shirt, white tuxedo jacket, black suede blazer, black mule heels, black slipper flats, clutch.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


Styling prints can be hard. In fact, just finding a print that you really like can be a challenge. So many of my personal styling clients have said this to me at one point or another, so I thought I would show you how I style my printed pants.

The trick to prints is to keep things simple. Everyone needs to have the basics in their closet to rely on for the moment you find an amazing pair of pants or a skirt. The basics you need are: 

  • White, gray and black v-neck t-shirts
  • White, gray and black scoop-neck t-shirts
  • Chambray, white, gray and black button down shirt
  • Black, gray and denim jackets/blazers/cardigan
  • Black and dark denim jeans
  • Black pencil skirt
  • Black simple dress

If you have these things you really can't go wrong when styling your printed skirts or pants. Here's what it looks like to simply add a denim jacket over your t-shirt.

It totally changes the look and feel of the outfit doesn't it? In Arizona it's hard for me to justify wearing a jacket now that the temps have climbed to the 90's, but I sure love how classic they are. This one is from Goldies and is only $52. 

Here is what it looks like to opt for a chambray shirt. It's just as simple as a t-shirt, but the collar adds a little more sophistication. 

Get the whole look here: Gray t-shirt, patterned pants, denim jacket, gold necklace and chambray shirt.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer