Wide-Leg, Cropped Overalls


I have been wearing overalls for the past couple of years, and I have found them to be extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, my last pair broke while I was on set in California. I adored them (see them here). So, it was time to find a replacement.


In the time that I bought my Levi’s (old overalls) and my new pair by Topshop, the styles had changed from skinny to straight to wide-leg. Like any trend, I wasn’t into the wide-leg cropped pant when it first hit the scene, but I have warmed up to it. I am always a fan, however, of cropped pants because every pant that I wear ends up being cropped due to my long legs.


These overalls in particular are amazing because they are formfitting at the natural waist, which is very rare in overall designs. I appreciate this because it is much more figure flattering.


I don’t particularly love the backside, but I do love how high-waisted they are. It allows me to wear all sorts of cropped tops and tanks. I’m wearing a bodysuit in these photos, which can be a challenging bathroom combo. LOL! I do not recommend. Haha!


Pics by Rennai Hoefer


A week ago, Ryan went out of town for five days, I had learned that Levi was a carrier of strep, and I hosted a family of six people. And though I was so happy to host because they are such dear friends of ours, I felt my anxiety rise the day Ryan left and they arrived. I thought, "What in the world am I doing? I'm a mad woman." And then, in the quiet, as I was listening to the thoughts in my head, my heart spoke and it said, "Are you trusting Me?" I knew it was God reminding me to let go and trust Him with Levi's health, with my fears of fatigue and with my to-do list for work. "You're right, Lord. I'm not trusting you," I said. And then I prayed for Levi to get better and for God to give me patience and rest throughout the week. 

Later that day I got a call from his pediatrician that his rapid strep culture had given a false positive because the one they sent out for testing was negative. (Insert jaw drop). I couldn't have been more thankful for those results. For now, we will wait and see if he gets it again, but he doesn't need surgery right now and that is a weight lifted.

My friends soon arrived and it was so much fun. They are dream house guests, but it was such a delight for my kids to have someone to play with for the week. I knew when I extended the invitation for them to come stay that this would be the case, but we all have those moments of fear that steal those pleasant thoughts. 

Before I knew it Friday had come and Ryan was home. I can't say that I showered a lot, fixed my hair and makeup or had meals on the table like most weeks, but I made it with a lot of smiles along the way. I definitely was tired, but a happy tired like after you finish working out.

My heart feels strong after finishing the week not because I did a bunch of stuff, but because I kept my faith strong and I delighted and gave thanks along the way for little things. I wrote a gratitude list of the things that brought me happiness this past week (see it below). It's a practice I do once in awhile after I read the book 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It's a great thing to turn to when you're feeling down. One thing you will notice is that I purposefully wrote down things that did not involve other people. It's important for me to be able to find happiness without others because relying on them is too big of a responsibility or expectation for them to carry. Of course, I delight in those moments when my kids or husband make me smile, but I know I can smile and be happy on my own too.

Try it today or sometime this week, and tell me how it changes your heart. 

1. Fresh sunflowers - These were brought to me by my dear friends
2. My wooden bowl full of fresh fruit - I have a wooden bowl my aunt gave me that always sits on my counter, and I fill it twice a week with fruit. 
3. A fragrant candle burning in my windowsill - I'm obsessed with Standard Wax candles because they smell amazing, burn clear and are made locally. I burn them every day, and last week I got a fresh box of scents just in time. 
4. A hot bowl of miso soup - I make soup for lunch almost every day. There's something about warm beverages and warm soup that is comforting to me. 
5. Keeping the doors open and letting the breeze come in - Arizona's best month of the year is March. We constantly leave our doors open for the kids to run in and out. I love feeling the breeze inside and being able to watch them play as I take care of things like laundry and cleaning.
6. Putting on my night cream and smelling the aromatherapy - I never liked my bedtime routine until now. I look forward to sleeping every day, and putting on Aveda aromatherapy night cream is such a treat to fall asleep to.
7. Feeling the fuzzy carpet on my bare feet - I rarely wear shoes inside, and if I could, I would always be barefoot. 
8. Wearing overalls - They just make me feel like a kid again (see this past post for more inspo). 
9. Whenever I see the brand Levi's when I'm shopping - I recently found a Levi's t-shirt and I love wearing it, and then when I was going to photograph this outfit in my Levi's overalls I found this old sign that says Levi's Strauss Overalls! Whaaaa?! So happy!
10. Putting on lipstick - I do this every day, multiple times a day, and I love it. It just brightens me up. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; This post contains affiliate links. Handbag and watch were gifted by Fossil. 



Overalls at 32 feel awesome. If you have ever been on the fence about buying some try these Levi's (on sale right now). They are cropped, so you don't need to worry about getting the right length.

I play hard in them with my kids, but you can also dress them up with a black turtleneck and heels. Today, I'm wearing them with a high collared white blouse

I have also been loving this fringe jacket (similar) and fringed handbag from Fossil. It's just the bag I need when I'm not toting my diaper bag. Blue goes with everything just as much as black does. Give it a try this summer.

I really feel like I've embrace my comfortable easy style these days. I'm looking forward to sharing my style evolution at the Phoenix Art Museum Story Tellers event. Please check it out and come! 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; This post contains affiliate links.


Overalls have been back for a couple of years now, and they are remaining in the fashion lime light. Have you gotten your pair yet? Well, I finally have. I have been on the search for a long time, in fact. Shopping for the perfect pair of overalls is like shopping for a bathing suit. It's hard! 

It's hard for three main reasons:

  1. Pant length
  2. Perfect butt 
  3. Torso

I have long legs, a long torso and hardly any butt, but these Target flared overalls with a flat front are SO flattering and fun. They are only $29.99, and a great way to try a trend without investing too much. 

When trying on other overalls the torso was often too short causing major camel toe (eeewww) or the butt was too baggy. Not these overalls! 

The wide leg is also a style that long legs can pull off really well. The only problem is figuring out what shoes to wear with them. Skinny jeans give you a pass for the most part on what shoe works. I'm 5'8" so a comfy 1" platform does the trick. 

Shop below for more affordable overalls:

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; this post contains affiliate links

Summer Styles to Keep for Fall


  Pumpkin-spice lattes are appearing on menus, the aisles of Target are filled with Back-To-School supplies, and Halloween recipes are starting to pop up on my Pinterest feed. This can only mean one thing: Fall is coming. Living in AZ, this is quite exciting as it's been a long, scorching summer. For others, the cooler temps and falling leaves might evoke a sense of dread as a precursor to the imminent winter ahead. Whether you're ready to jump into fall feet-first but can't because it's still 100 degrees outside, or are determined to cling to the last notes of summer, we've got good news. You don't need to pack up your summer threads just yet. In fact, you can keep wearing them all throughout fall. Here's a helpful list of summer items that can easily transition into your fall wardrobe and where to buy them!

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are like are like an old friend, you can always count on them despite any tattered rips or frayed edges that may have occurred along the way. Lazy day with your hair in a baseball cap and sneaks on your feet? Boyfriend jeans. What to wear with your new strappy heels to happy hour? Boyfriend jeans. Trying to dress down that new blouse? You guessed it, boyfriend jeans. You can get just as much wear out of these this fall as you did this summer. Throw them on with suede booties and lots of bold jewelry for a boho-glam vibe, or use them to contrast the polished sophistication of your longline vest.

Button Front Denim Skirt

If you haven't noticed, the 70's are back in a major way. From high-fashion houses like Chloe and Jill Stuart to fast-fashion outlets like Zara and H&M, there's fringe, suede, fur, and flares in abundance. While not all of this is super wearable day-to-day, the a-line denim skirt is an exception. Button-front skirts started popping up all over the place this summer, most often seen paired with a bib-style crop top and booties. All this outfit is missing for fall is some layers for warmth. Cue the turtle necks, bell sleeves, and chunky knits.


Whether you're a fan or not, there's no denying that Birkenstocks are having a BIG moment in fashion. While they were great paired with an easy, breezy oversized tee and shorts for summer months, they'll transition into your fall wardrobe quite smoothly. Pair them with boyfriend jeans, a shift dress, or cozy leggings to take you into the cooler months. And when it gets chilly, don't be afraid to throw on some slouchy knit socks with them, too!

Overalls-Twenties Girl Style
Overalls-Twenties Girl Style


Overalls are great because they can work for virtually any season. Finding the right pair may be tricky but it's worth the hunt because it's a piece you can keep forever, and these bad boys have great potential for fall. Layer a turtle neck or striped tee underneath, tie a flannel around your waist, or throw on a chunky sweater and booties like Ashley, from Twenties Girl Style did above. Boom, effortless it-girl chic.

Longline Vest

Longline vests (also referred to as sleeveless blazers) are fairly new on the fashion radar, but are a great staple to have in your wardrobe. These aren't the frumpy, short vests of the 90's, but instead have a longer, sleeker, more modern appearance. Great for a professional look with a tailored ankle-length trouser, or throw it on with ballet flats (like these from Topshop) to dress up a graphic tee and shorts. Either way, long live the longline vest.

White Denim

The great thing about fashion these days is that there are no rules. "No white after labor day" is truly a thing of the past. Also, no styling tips needed because they go with just about everything! So go ahead, rebel against this fashion faux pas and keep the white denim in your fall line-up to keep things fresh. You rebellious spirit, you.

Summer Sundress

Don't pack away your summer dresses quite yet. Instead, challenge yourself to get creative and play around with layering. Put a white tee underneath, throw on a trench, or cover up the entire top of the dress with a sweater and pretend you have yourself a new skirt. The possibilities are endless.

Chunky Platform Sandals

Platform heels are great for a few different reasons. First of all, they are SO comfortable. Platforms give you the height of a stiletto or pump, minus the pain. They were a huge hit this summer, especially when paired with flirty dresses and skirts. To make them even more fun, carry them into your fall wardrobe and wear them with socks. This look would be ideal with a flowy midi dress, allowing you to show off your funky footwear situation.

Don't have some of these versatile items in your closet yet? No worries! Here's where to find them:

summer styles layout
summer styles layout