The silk scarf has made a bit of a comeback in the last few seasons. We've rediscovered the fashion utility of bandanas, chokers, and essentially anything else wrapped around our necks, and the silk scarf is the polished, cool girl equivalent. While creating a turtleneck effect is the go-to for most fashion girls, some don't stop there. The silk scarf has opened up a world of accessory versatility, being knotted around wrists, through belt loops, and my personal favorite, around ankles.

Photo via Lisa Says Gah

Photo via Lisa Says Gah

I love the timelessness, class, and French inspiration brought about by the neck scarf. It instantly pulls together any outfit, and makes a sleek yet creative accessory. And who doesn't want to look like an artist off duty? 

Photo via They All Hate Us

Photo via They All Hate Us

Another way to incorporate this creative accessory is by tying a uniquely-patterned scarf around the wrist. If your outfit is feeling bare, this is a great way to mix things up by still avoiding the clunkiness of a bracelet.

Photo via The Zoe Report

Photo via The Zoe Report

The same outfit formula can get old after awhile, so try breaking it up by substituting your belt with a printed scarf. It adds a bohemian vibe to a very put together look, and makes your look instantly more laid back.

Photo via Bloglovin'

Photo via Bloglovin'

Photo via The Zoe Report

Photo via The Zoe Report

Ah, the ankle scarf. Plain old pants get old sometimes, and silk scarves add all sorts of flair to your bottom half. If you're looking for a way to draw attention to your fantastic shoes, tie a scarf around your ankle to draw the eye down your entire outfit and create visual balance.



Sporting a diaper bag when you have a baby is a given, and the selection of bags has increased dramatically over the past four years. Baby registries are overwhelming and choosing the best product for each need can make you break a sweat. I spent hours of researching the best bottles, the best stroller and the best diaper bag before Elle and Levi were born, so let me make finding a great diaper bag easy for you.

First, some of the key qualities you want to look for are water resistance, size, pockets, style, cost and durability. You want a bag that is large enough to store your baby essentials, but not one that is so big you are going to hit people as you walk by them or get stuck on clothing racks as you shop. (Yes, that has happened to me several times. I have a tote bag that is perfect for carrying everything, but I have learned not to bring it to department stores). You also want a bag that is stylish enough that you don't feel like you have the label "mom" or "dad" written on your forehead, and an added bonus if you can find one that is gender neutral. These bags aren't cheap, but I promise you can also invest in a bag that stands the test of time. I've already been through two diaper bags before finding this gem.

It's by ONE DUO. They make the coolest backpacks that can convert into satchels. They also come with stroller straps that hook onto your stroller. Aside from the amazing functionality of the bag, their design is on point. Right now backpacks are "in" overall. It doesn't matter if you're a mom or dad, wearing a back is cool. Plus, this bag fits in with the minimalist trend from top to bottom.

I chose their black bag because I wear a lot of black. I love that the wax canvas makes it wipeable, and I'm hands free to chase after the kiddos. I highly recommend this bag to parents or to anyone that is looking for a great backpack. 

Photo by Rennai Hoefer; Bag was gifted to me.


Choosing which accessories to bring on a trip can be challenging. I always have a fear of losing something or having something stolen, so I tend to select jewelry that isn't too valuable. But, on the contrary, we want to look our best and dress to impress and shouldn't have to sacrifice quality and style just for the sake of travel. So, I've partnered with Shane Co. to share quality accessories that travel well and won't break the bank. And, as an added bonus, they will coordinate with every outfit you pack!

Tip 1: Cover your bases - Make sure to choose one pair of earrings, at least one bracelet or a time piece, at least one necklace (I prefer three that I can layer) and a stunning ring.


Tip 2: Stick with your metallics - Gold, silver, and rose gold go with everything. You never have to worry about whether they will match your outfit unless you wearing a gold or silver dress. 

Tip 3: Diamonds and pearls should always stay on you. If you want to wear your engagement ring or a less expensive cocktail ring in its place make sure to keep it on you at all times. Same rule applies with those diamonds studs of yours. That way you will never have to worry about them being stolen or lost.

Tip 4: Make sure all of the accessories work together. After you select you metallic, you'll want to make sure the jewelry you select is a similar style so you can mix and match on your travels. 

That's it! I guarantee that you won't be able to mess things up by just keeping it simple and planning ahead. You can shop my whole look below:

Jumpsuit from LOFT
Gold bracelet
Tear drop earrings
Diamond cluster ring
Gold layered necklace

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


It's that time of year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is easily the store's best sale all year long, with major price cuts storewide. What makes this sale extra special is that all of the sale items are brand new arrivals. Pretty crazy, right? Since the sale hits at the end of summer, I always use it as a chance to kickstart my fall wardrobe. 

The sale's early access for cardholders started late last week, so I shopped the sale and rounded up some of my very favorite style steals under $100. If you aren't a Nordstrom cardholder, the sale will become available to you on July 22. However, I'd definitely recommend becoming a cardholder. Nordstrom has a great rewards program and even offers a debit card option, so you never have to worry about your shopping getting you into trouble. 

Some things that I've already picked up are this affordable and chic bag by Sole Society and these gold hoop earrings. Both of these accessories go with everything and they were at the perfect price. You can shop them below, as well as some other picks. 

Photos by Sarah Waggoner 

NSALE 2016.jpg


The neck scarf is having a resurgence. BIG time. Bandanas and silk scarves worn around the neck are no longer reserved for those in western flicks or 50's sock hops. (Though I always did admire Marty's blue neck bow in Grease...) This trend is the perfect way to jazz up any outfit with a case of the "blahs" and works with just about any outfit. Throw one on to add some personality to sleek workwear or tie it on to top off a casual look with a denim jacket. There's also about a million ways to tie these scarves. Test it out with the french twistsquare knotneck wrap, or slip knot. I recently found a navy scarf bandana at GAP that is long enough to tie multiple ways. That might be a great place to start your collection.

It's always helpful to see how other people wear a trend. Here is some inspiration spotted on Pinterest. Be sure to follow my "Trends I Love" board to see more style spotting.