The neck scarf is having a resurgence. BIG time. Bandanas and silk scarves worn around the neck are no longer reserved for those in western flicks or 50's sock hops. (Though I always did admire Marty's blue neck bow in Grease...) This trend is the perfect way to jazz up any outfit with a case of the "blahs" and works with just about any outfit. Throw one on to add some personality to sleek workwear or tie it on to top off a casual look with a denim jacket. There's also about a million ways to tie these scarves. Test it out with the french twistsquare knotneck wrap, or slip knot. I recently found a navy scarf bandana at GAP that is long enough to tie multiple ways. That might be a great place to start your collection.

It's always helpful to see how other people wear a trend. Here is some inspiration spotted on Pinterest. Be sure to follow my "Trends I Love" board to see more style spotting.