Maxi dresses have been here to stay for years, but have you heard the term, "lounge dress"? Well, Lucky Love Co. has created a dress that is one size fits all in the prettiest colors and prints for women of all shapes and sizes to lounge and look beautiful. Plus, they have just come out with a brand new design that makes nursing babies so EASY with this dress. 


I wish this design had been around two years ago after having Levi. it's the best dress of your postpartum body, and the snaps on the sleeves open up so you nurse. Now, I'm not nursing anymore, but that doesn't stop me from wearing a pretty and comfortable dress. This dress would be great as a cover up for the beach too!


Recently, Lucky Love Co. came to my home to do a photoshoot for their new line. It was super fun to get to model for them. I'd love to hear which dress is your favorite that I wore. I simply can't decide. 


Photography by Cherie Mask.


It has almost been a year since I gave birth to Levi, and I wanted to share an update on how my body has changed in hopes it brings encouragement and a real perspective to motherhood. Being someone that is entrenched in social media, I often see other moms or celebrities "bounce back" within six months to their pre-baby bodies. Not me. It takes me longer, and it takes the majority of people longer than six months. 

This is my second pregnancy, and both of my pregnancies I gained 35 pounds. I lost that baby weight gradually over the course of a year. Back in March, I shared pictures of my body taken 4 months post-partum in size 12 pants and weighing 148 pounds. I'm now wearing size 8 pants and I weigh 134. You can see a side by side above.

My pre-pregnancy self was 127 wearing size 4, but I was also working out three times a week at the gym. I have not been able to exercise at all since the birth of Levi because I have had a flair up of arthritis and my Hashimotos disease has caused my thyroid to get out of whack. We are still working on finding the right dosage to reduce the inflammation in my body, but once I'm pain free I'll get back to the gym. 

But regardless of working out or not, these are just numbers and pictures. How do I really feel about myself? Do I feel normal now? 

I feel great about myself now, and, yes, I feel normal now. I finally feel like I can invest money in clothes I love and not just wear a cheap postpartum wardrobe from Target. I don't find myself self-conscious about my stomach anymore. I also feel confident to wear a swimsuit again. (Below, is an un-edited picture of me 9 months postpartum.)

Is there room for improvement? Of course, but muscle tone is totally different than just simply wearing clothes that feel like you and being in sizes that feel "normal" to myself. Can I wear all of my old clothes yet? Nope, but I'm not discouraged by that. It takes time my friends, and it will take more time for me. Give your bodies grace. It took a year to grow a human and it takes a year to feel and look like yourself again. And it may take even longer than that (like me) to get back to your pre-baby self. I just want to tell you that it's NORMAL. What's not normal is getting back to your pre-baby body in six months or less. That's amazing! Congratulations to the women that can do that, but it's not the norm. Don't put that pressure on yourself.

Be patient and realistic with your body. In time you will feel like yourself again, and in the meantime, pat yourself on the back for creating a beautiful baby.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer. All photos of my body are un-edited to give an accurate depiction of my body.



It's short season, and finding the right shorts can be just as hard as swimsuit shopping. Being eight months post-partum my midsection is still a bit thicker than usual, so I really don't want to spend too much money on new shorts that I will only wear for this year (hoping to be back to normal in a couple more months).  


My solution - elastic waist bands and drawstrings. They expand and contract, and I will be able to get more use out of them than your regular button or zip fly. Target has a great selection of summer shorts right now. Here are two pairs that I found that I love:

As a chambray obsessed girl, these chambray shorts with a drawstring (only $24.99) and white trim are so cute. Add a t-shirt or a summer button-down shirt like this gingham one from Banana Republic and you are set for a backyard BBQ or outdoor picnic with the family.

Pom-poms seem to be a new Pinterest obsession of mine. I don't know what it is about these fuzzy little decorations, but I love them. I found these punchy coral shorts with pom-poms at Target ($22.99), and I just had to have them. I paired them with a chambray shirt (can you tell I'm obsessed with too) and my brown wedges and I'm ready for the pool with the kids. You'll also be happy to know that these shorts come in yellow and navy too. Woohoo!

In fact, these shorts even go with my new Target swimsuit. Just put it underneath, and you can look great before and after the pool or beach. 

Now, run to Target and get yours! Photos by Rennai Hoefer.



I'm still working on getting my body back into shape after having Levi. I'm definitely making progress having lost about 25 pounds now, but I still have 10 more to go. Until then I'm avoiding spending a lot of money on jeans I'll only wear for a couple of month. Instead, elastic waistbands definitely come in handy for transitioning body because they can, obviously, expand and contract as my body changes. 

I found these comfortable and cute silk printed pants at Nordstrom Rack the other day. I don't know if it's the 5am wake up calls or not, but this PJ inspired outfit is one of my favorite go-to's right now. I love wearing simple t-shirt with these pants, and adding a blazer and slipper flats to complete the look. (If you need help with styling prints, check out Monday's post).

To dress up the outfit I like to add mules from Sole Society and my favorite diaper clutch from Petunia Pickle Bottom

Clothes that you can run around in and chase after kids that are stylish seem hard to come by, especially things that are machine washable too. So, take my word for it, these are a great buy if you're in a similar life stage or even if you don't have kids. 

I can't say that men are all to keen on these pants, but, hey, that's what they say about maxi dresses and I still can't live with out them in my life. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable because that's how your beauty will truly shine.

Shop the look: Silk pants (similar), black t-shirt, white tuxedo jacket, black suede blazer, black mule heels, black slipper flats, clutch.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer


I’m so excited to introduce you to Hatch Collection. If you already know this clothing company pat yourself on the back because, sadly, I didn’t discover them until the end of my third trimester and they have to be the COOLEST fashion line for pregnant women.

What I love is that you can wear so many of their clothes after baby and have the easy of looking fabulous while breastfeeding. My favorite piece is this army green, silk shirt dress. I love the high low line of it, as well as the fact that it’s loose. My stomach still has a ways to go, so I’m still wearing a lot of loose clothes after the birth.


Hatch Collection also makes wonderful basics that every new mom needs. Great leggings, nursing tanks and bras. They are so simple, yet so current. You will find something for yourself for every stage of pregnancy, and you’ll feel like a million dollars because you will know you are in style if you wear their clothes.

Go check them out, and in the mean time let’s celebrate that we can finally wear boots! Woohoo! So happy!

Photos by Gina Meola; clothing sponsored by Hatch Collection.