Many recent studies have proven the negative effects of blue light that is emitted from electronics. Given that I work on a laptop nine plus hours a day and use my phone incessantly, the amount of exposure to blue light is a lot. I wear glasses regularly, but all of the lenses that I own don’t protect against this type of light. So, I recently got new lenses from DIFF Eyewear that are SUPER cute!


I’m loving thin frames and circular shapes in fashion lately. It’s very 90s, and, truthfully, more harmonious with my fine bone structure. DIFF Eyewear is a brand that carries the latest trends and styles and also gives back to those in need with each purchase. I love when my dollars can be used for good, especially when I’m getting a good product in return.


I highly recommend DIFF eyewear. If you use the code EVJEN at check out you will get 10% off your purchase from now until February 26th, 2019.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer. Product sent for those post..


New Glasses from Eyeconic


It has been almost a year since I started working at a marketing agency. I can't believe it! It has been a big growth experience and brought about change in many ways (all of that for another post), but one things is for sure...My eyes have changed. 


Granted, my eyesight could have also changed because I grew another year older, but as of now, I need glasses to see both near AND far. Whoa! I have only needed glasses for reading up until this point. We happen to have a client, Eyeconic, that sells prescription frames. So, I used my trusty eye insurance to get an exam, and ordered these RAD Chloe frames.


I love it when a pair of frames made a statement. I guess you could say I am at a point in my life when I'm ready to look through rose colored glasses. =) These frames were easy to order. I tried them on virtually! It was a new and fast experience for sure. 


These babies are not only helping me see clearer, but they are also helping me see life in a more positive way (or at least trying to). Check out more of their styles on their site. They have a TON to choose from. 

Pics by Lauren J. Photography



This post is sponsored by Visionworks. 

A few months ago, I started experiencing blurry vision. I found myself driving at nighttime unsure of myself as the bright lights of oncoming cars blinded me. During the day I was blinking more than normal to try and refocus my eyes, and by the end of the day my eyes were tired and burning. I knew I needed to get an exam, and so I partnered with Visionworks to make sure my eyes were healthy. It was very timely too because April is Women's Eye Health Month. Who knew, right?

It had been about seven years since I had my eyes examined. We didn't have vision insurance, and so I just kept telling myself I didn't need glasses that badly. I had some glasses for reading, but I barely wore them because I felt I could read just fine without them. Truthfully, I couldn't. I just ignored the signs: tired eyes, holding objects too close and blurry vision. It turns out that my right eye with perfect vision learned to compensate for my left, and that's how I was getting by. But this past year, my right eye just started getting too tired. It was time to take care of this problem.

Setting up an eye exam with Visionworks was easy as pie. I located my nearest store, called ahead and chose a time that worked with my schedule. I filled out some paper work, and right away a technician walked me through the four different eye tests. I didn't even have to dilate my eyes because they have a new machine that can see all of the way back to your eye without dilation. It was really fast and easy. After 20 minutes I was sitting with the optometrist figuring out the right prescription for my eyes. From start to finish, it only took 45 minutes to make sure I was healthy. That's the fastest doctor appointment I have ever had.

I learned so much while I was there, and I thought I would pass along some of this helpful information with you:

  1. You should be getting an annual exam if you have an existing prescription. Your eyes and prescription can change every year, so it's important to make sure nothing has changed.
  2. For adults that don't need glasses, they should get their eyes checked every two years.
  3. Children should get their first eye exam around the age of three, and definitely before they go to school to make sure they have the best learning experience. They will need to have their eyes dilated though, so be sure to anticipate that before the exam.
  4. Certain mascaras and makeup removers can cause blurry vision. Make sure you are using the best one for your eyes and pay attention to any change in vision after use.
  5. The distance that you should be holding your book or computer can be found by putting your hand to your nose and sticking your elbow straight out. If you can't read well at that distance you need to get your eyes checked.
  6. Your eyes change during pregnancy and you can experience dryer eyes while carrying a child. It should go away after delivery, but if it doesn't you could have Dry Eyes Syndrome.

You can check out the below graphic for more health information. I don't know about you, but I didn't realize that I wasn't doing a good job taking care of my eyes until this appointment, and I definitely am committed to doing a better job in the future.

I got my new pair of glasses after my appointment, and I LOVE them. I tried on about 30 different pairs, and these stood out among the bunch. I'm wearing them as I type this post, and I can see much better than before. If you need new glasses you can be confident in knowing that Visionworks has everything you need in one place. I highly recommend a visit!

Photography by Rennai Hoefer. 


I've been reading and hearing this phrase, "I see you," a lot in the media. I've heard Michelle Obama use it, and, most recently, Viola Davis in her tribute to Meryl Streep. It implies a deeper seeing than the surface. It refers to a true understanding and knowing of someone and their motives. It also means that you are not ignoring their voice or actions. I love this phrase and it's meaning so much, especially in this visual digital world where we scroll and consume and read, but we aren't truly listening or understanding one another. 

It makes me sad and angry to know that it takes marches of thousands of people around the world to be heard, seen and understood. And I can't help but think about this on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and with the women's march approaching (January 21st, 2017). 

If I had one super power it would be to help people truly understand one another's desires and needs. And if I could eradicate one problem it would be selfishness. This way we could help meet one other's needs on this earth, and there wouldn't be a person left out (hopefully). But here's the truth: we can actually do have this power - to understand one another and deny our selfishness. 

I know this because this is the main challenge of a marriage. Ryan and I are together every single day, and have been for almost 10 years. We know each other extremely well, but there will never be a day when I know exactly what he is thinking 100% of the time. At the root of the fights that we have as a marriage couple is misunderstanding. What we have learned through marital counseling (everyone should go, btw), is that we need to ask follow up questions before responding with answers. Some example of that are:

"What I am hearing you say is...." repeat back what you have heard the other person say.
"How does this make you feel?" try to understand their feelings behind what they are saying.
"What do you need in this moment?" Most often there is a request or a need behind the discourse.

And then once we make sure to eliminate misunderstanding with clarifying questions we can respond. That doesn't always mean we can meet each others needs, but that usually leads to some sort of compromise.

We as a society can't even get to the point of a compromise. We are just shouting back and forth at each other right now. Let's seek to truly see each other and understand each other right now. Let's ask these questions to our friends and community that we don't see eye to eye with, and love them because they are living, breathing people God has made. 

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; glasses by J. Mclaughlin  


This post is sponsored by Visionworks. 

Eyeglasses have become an interchangeable fashion accessory just as much as earrings or hats. I'm not the only person out there that has more than one pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses now. Sometimes I'm feeling preppy with tortoiseshell and artsy with clear frames. What can stump me, however, is figuring out what makeup to pairs well with my glasses. I've noticed that some eyeshadows and lipsticks just don't look the best with certain frames. I've partnered with Visionworks again to share you with you the difference a pop of red lipstick, a smokey or simply staying neutral can do for your look.

I put my makeup on every day, but to give you the best information and expertise I invited my friend and makeup artist, Stephanie Neiheisel, to do my makeup and share some pointers. I even had her try the frames on so you can see them on a different face shape and hairstyle. 

Below, you'll find four frames worn with different makeup (one neutral and one with a bold lip). I've picked which makeup look I like best with each pair of glasses. I would love to know if you agree or disagree. 

DRAMATIC TORTOISE SHELL by Nine West - These frames are timeless and bold at the same time. When I wear these glasses I feel like Jenna Lyons, Creative Director for J. Crew. She has a spunky, east coast style, and I would say my style is somewhat similar. I like when my lips are nude in these frames more than a bold red lip because both seem like too much.

Makeup Tip from Stephanie: Play up either your eyes or lips, but rarely both. These chunky frames make a bold statement, so for day to day wear you'll probably want to keep your lipstick neutral. 

CRYSTAL FRAMES by Nine West: Clear frames are one of the hottest trends in eyewear right now. I especially love these for the cat eye shape. When I wear these glasses I often find myself wanting to wear a bold lip. I feel a bit too plain without one.

Makeup tip from Stephanie: Since these glasses lack color you'll want to add some color to your face somewhere. That could be a bold lip or a smokey eye with shades of coral, purple or even green as long as there is color somewhere. 

ARLETTY FRAMES by Zac Posen - These frames have a masculine feel to them that is very in style right now. They also make a big statement because the frames are larger in size. The icy gradient blue is so pretty, but I think it clashes a bit with the warm red lip.

Makeup tip from Stephanie: Be sure to stick to complementary colors when choosing your eyeshadow and lipstick. Warm hues like corals, pinks and bright reds go well with browns. Gray, blues and reds with cool, purple undertones go well with gray or blue frames.

DRAMATIC TEAL & TORTOISE FRAMES by Guess - These teal and tortoise frames are my favorite. They have a bit of color and a bit of class, and I love the thinner frame on my face. Surprisingly, I like the statement lip with these frames even though the color of the glasses make a statement as well.

Makeup tip from Stephanie: The reason why this lip color works with teal is that it is complementary on the color wheel. Complementary color as one that are directly across from the main color you're working with. See a color wheel here for reference.

I had Stephanie try on these four frames as well because she had a coral smokey eye and a nude lip that day. Her hair is also jet black and in stark contrast with her skin. I think all of those things make a difference when choosing your frames and makeup. My favorite frames on her are the Zac Posen ones. That icy blue gray goes so well with her eyes and hair color. Which one do you like best?

Be sure to visit Visionworks to find your perfect frames, and don't just top with one. Think of your glasses as jewelry and find a couple pairs that represent different parts of your style.


Photos by Rennai Hoefer.