This post is sponsored by Visionworks. 

Eyeglasses have become an interchangeable fashion accessory just as much as earrings or hats. I'm not the only person out there that has more than one pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses now. Sometimes I'm feeling preppy with tortoiseshell and artsy with clear frames. What can stump me, however, is figuring out what makeup to pairs well with my glasses. I've noticed that some eyeshadows and lipsticks just don't look the best with certain frames. I've partnered with Visionworks again to share you with you the difference a pop of red lipstick, a smokey or simply staying neutral can do for your look.

I put my makeup on every day, but to give you the best information and expertise I invited my friend and makeup artist, Stephanie Neiheisel, to do my makeup and share some pointers. I even had her try the frames on so you can see them on a different face shape and hairstyle. 

Below, you'll find four frames worn with different makeup (one neutral and one with a bold lip). I've picked which makeup look I like best with each pair of glasses. I would love to know if you agree or disagree. 

DRAMATIC TORTOISE SHELL by Nine West - These frames are timeless and bold at the same time. When I wear these glasses I feel like Jenna Lyons, Creative Director for J. Crew. She has a spunky, east coast style, and I would say my style is somewhat similar. I like when my lips are nude in these frames more than a bold red lip because both seem like too much.

Makeup Tip from Stephanie: Play up either your eyes or lips, but rarely both. These chunky frames make a bold statement, so for day to day wear you'll probably want to keep your lipstick neutral. 

CRYSTAL FRAMES by Nine West: Clear frames are one of the hottest trends in eyewear right now. I especially love these for the cat eye shape. When I wear these glasses I often find myself wanting to wear a bold lip. I feel a bit too plain without one.

Makeup tip from Stephanie: Since these glasses lack color you'll want to add some color to your face somewhere. That could be a bold lip or a smokey eye with shades of coral, purple or even green as long as there is color somewhere. 

ARLETTY FRAMES by Zac Posen - These frames have a masculine feel to them that is very in style right now. They also make a big statement because the frames are larger in size. The icy gradient blue is so pretty, but I think it clashes a bit with the warm red lip.

Makeup tip from Stephanie: Be sure to stick to complementary colors when choosing your eyeshadow and lipstick. Warm hues like corals, pinks and bright reds go well with browns. Gray, blues and reds with cool, purple undertones go well with gray or blue frames.

DRAMATIC TEAL & TORTOISE FRAMES by Guess - These teal and tortoise frames are my favorite. They have a bit of color and a bit of class, and I love the thinner frame on my face. Surprisingly, I like the statement lip with these frames even though the color of the glasses make a statement as well.

Makeup tip from Stephanie: The reason why this lip color works with teal is that it is complementary on the color wheel. Complementary color as one that are directly across from the main color you're working with. See a color wheel here for reference.

I had Stephanie try on these four frames as well because she had a coral smokey eye and a nude lip that day. Her hair is also jet black and in stark contrast with her skin. I think all of those things make a difference when choosing your frames and makeup. My favorite frames on her are the Zac Posen ones. That icy blue gray goes so well with her eyes and hair color. Which one do you like best?

Be sure to visit Visionworks to find your perfect frames, and don't just top with one. Think of your glasses as jewelry and find a couple pairs that represent different parts of your style.


Photos by Rennai Hoefer.